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Kids Infinite Learning

About Us- Radhika Goel
Radhika Goel - CMO
About Us- Radhika Goel
Amit Goel — Founder & CEO

Our Story

Kids Infinite Learning is an incredibly personalized program with live online classes where kids can customize their topics to learn on their own pace. Kids can choose their preferred teacher based on their teaching experience and expertise in the respective areas. Our team selects the best and most innovative minds for teaching on different topics – Academic, non-academic, games, languages, or any other extra-curricular activities. Every single class is aligned to pedagogical strategies that go with your child’s natural learning instincts and abilities.

We are the only platform in India providing the flexibility to students as well as teachers. Students can choose their required course on any topic or even a single class!! Teachers can prepare the topics and schedule classes based on their expertise.

About Us

Established in 2021, Kids Infinite Learning is an online learning platform for skill-based learning. Talking about us, we believe that skill-based education holds utmost importance as it teaches learners to become independent, learn at their own pace, develop confidence and critical thinking skills. To achieve this goal, our team selects best instructors who are highly qualified, certified, experienced and niche players in their respective fields. The sessions are aligned with pedagogical strategies that suit the learners’ natural learning instincts and abilities. Kids Infinite Learning aspires to serve future generations by providing a platform for people of all ages to learn and thrive in their interests, as well as provide every chance for them to flourish. 

Meet the Founder

Amit Goel is the President and Founder of Kids Infinite Learning, a passionate visionary who believes in the potential of every kid. He believes that an ideal learning environment emphasizes acquiring functional and competent skills. His belief in skill-based learning led him to conceive the ingenious idea of creating a platform where children can learn multiple skills in a single place. Amit, who has lived in the United States for over six years and excelled in the Information Technology sector, also has a strong sense of competence and passion for business. He is a strategic planner and has a clear vision and faith in his belief and team, which makes him a great visionary. He has been instrumental in making Kids Infinite Learning a labor of love and enthusiasm for children, parents, and teachers alike.


To provide a platform for curious minds to explore their interests, find their passion and upgrade their skills.


For Instructors

To provide an opportunity to them to share profound knowledge and valuable real-life lessons with the curious minds.

For Learners

To help learners enhance their skill set with our LIVE interactive classes on skill-based courses, helmed by qualified and certified instructors.

For Parents

To Provide a platform for their children to acquire skill-based knowledge and nurture their talents to get them prepared for outside world.

Core Values

Infinite Learning

Provide an environment of limitless learning where curious minds can enjoy the learning process while acquiring and upgrading important skills.

Change the way of Learning

Promote and spread awareness about the importance and dire need of skill-based education for overall development of learners.

Do More in Less Time

Provide a platform where learners can achieve maximum productivity in limited time.


Hear & Pay attention to every new idea to encourage young minds to voice out their opinions.


Ensure that our actions are in the best interest of parents, learners and instructors.

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