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Summer Camp

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Gift them the skills that will forever be in demand. Explore various skill-based topics like Vedic Maths, Abacus, Rubik’s Cube, Languages, Art & craft, Calligraphy etc. and let your kids gain 21st century skills. We are offering multiple summer camp plans for three different categories to choose from.

Exclusively for learners ages 6 to 19 years.

Summer Camp

Afterschool Program for Kids

Textbook Learning is not enough. In this age of specialization, it is crucial to introduce kids to new and diverse Learning concepts for their mental simulation. Also known as out-of-school activities, Afterschool programs have multiple benefits that allow kids to come closer to gaining expertise, achieving their goals and become successful.

Academic Support

Gone are the days when textbooks were enough. Strengthen the foundation of your knowledge and improve your grades with diversified after-school programs that aim to support the overall learning journey of kids.

Explore Your Interests

Afterschool Programs provide opportunities to kids to get hands-on experience in diverse topics. Exploring, finding, and expanding their interests will help kids make good career-related decisions for the future.

Career Skills & Opportunities

Afterschool programs help kids acquire multiple career skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical thinking, etc. These skills aid in closing the achievement gaps and provide a window of opportunity for kids.

Vedic maths online course
Faster Calculation
coding for kids
Build your Website
Course Catalog
Grow, Rise and Shine!
Abacus for beginners
Mental Calculation
General knowledge Online classes
Explore the World
Childhood activities list
Achieve Developmental Milestones!
Spanish for kids online
Strengthen your Spanish Language
Online Hindi Classes for Kids
Speak Hindi like a Native
Best way to learn Japanese online
Speak Japanese Language
Korean language course with certificate
Build your basics in Korean
French language course online with certificate
Strengthen your French Language
German language course online
Speak German Confidently
English Speaking Course online
Speak English like a Pro
Rubik's Cube course online
Improve Concentration Skill
Online Handwriting Classes for kids
Convey Your Thoughts Aesthetically!
Online Memory Booster Course
Enhanced Memory Power
Online Art classes for Kids and Teens
Give Wings to Your Creativity
Online Chess Classes for Kids
Strengthen your core mental abilities!
Best online calligraphy course
Artistic Letters
Art therapy online sessions
Explore Hidden Emotions
Personality Development for students
Improve Personality

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We offer Live classes for a variety of skill-based courses for curious minds to explore their interests, find their passion and upgrade their skills. With our well-crafted course plans, highly qualified instructors and extensive course curriculum, we aim to provide a platform for learners to enhance their academic performance and improve their social life.

Live classes
Live classes

Diversified Skill-Based Courses

Choose a course of your interest from our diversified collection of skill-based courses to become confident, gain a competitive edge over others and upgrade your skill set.

Online extracurricular classes for kids

Personalized Learning

Course plans and teaching methodologies in our Live classes are centered around different learning needs, interests and goals of individual learners to provide them extremely personalized learning experience.

Live classes

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We value every accomplishment of our learners which is why, after completion of every course, learners are awarded with a certificate to invoke in them a feeling of pride and achievement.

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Social Anxiety in Kids: Common Symptoms & Helpful Tips

Upon getting introduced to an unfamiliar environment, kids start developing a thought process of their own that might be different from what they have learned from their parents. It results in the generation of differences between learning and thinking; what they think could be entirely different from what they have learned. As a result of this difference, they create a standard in their minds. This ‘standard’ is equivalent to an imaginary guidelines document that kids refer to perform tasks the ‘right’ way. When they fail to meet their expectations, that marks the onset of Social Anxiety.

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30 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids in 2022

Being a parent is one of the most extraordinary superpowers, and with power comes great responsibility. Finding appropriate content online for kids is one of those responsibilities. With the emergence of diverse resources on the internet, it has become necessary to filter out the media that is imperative for the constructive growth of kids. YouTube is one of the mediums with a plethora of educational and funny kid-friendly videos. Narrowing down the best channels for kids on YouTube can be tedious, and we understand that. For the same reason, we have created a list of popular, educational, and kid-friendly YouTube channels. The engaging videos on YouTube will help kids learn new stuff and enjoy their fun time.

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The 50 best kids’ movies on Netflix (2018-2022)

Are you a parent who is planning a perfect movie date night for your kids? Then, you must have prepared every movie date essential, from salted butter popcorns to snuggly blankets. Afterall, it is significant for parents to indulge with their children in fun movie date nights. Oh wait, is the movie decided yet? Thankfully, with the insurgence of numerous streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc., there are plenty of options. So, how should parents choose some family-friendly, and best movies for kids in 2022? Have no fear! We have prepared a list to help all the parents choose the best fun-for-the-whole-family option for their perfect family movie night.

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