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Summer Camp

Learn Latest Skills this Summer

Make your kids’ summer holidays unforgettable!
Gift them the skills that will forever be in demand. Explore various skill-based topics like Vedic Maths, Abacus, Rubik’s Cube, Languages, Art & craft, Calligraphy etc. and let your kids gain 21st century skills. We are offering multiple summer camp plans for three different categories to choose from.

Exclusively for learners ages 6 to 19 years.

Summer Camp


Online Vedic Maths
Faster Calculation
Online Memory Booster Class
Enhanced Memory Power
Online Calligraphy Class
Artistic Letters
Spanish Class
Strengthen your Spanish Language
Course Catalog
Speak Japanese Language
Course Catalog
Achieve Developmental Milestones!
Course- catalog - Skill-based courses
Build your basics in Korean
Online Abacus Class
Mental Calculation
General knowledge
Explore the World
Online Art & Craft
Become Creative
course catalog - skill-based courses
Strengthen your French Language
Course Catalog
Grow, Rise and Shine!
English Speaking Class
Speak English like a Pro
Online Rubik's Cube Class
Improve Concentration Skill
Website Development Course
Build your Website
Online Art Therapy
Explore Hidden Emotions
Course catalog - skill based courses
Speak German Confidently
Online Hindi Class
Speak Hindi like a Native
Personality Development Class
Improve Personality

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About Us

We offer Live classes for a variety of skill-based courses for curious minds to explore their interests, find their passion and upgrade their skills. With our well-crafted course plans, highly qualified instructors and extensive course curriculum, we aim to provide a platform for learners to enhance their academic performance and improve their social life.

Live classes
Live classes

Diversified Skill-Based Courses

Choose a course of your interest from our diversified collection of skill-based courses to become confident, gain a competitive edge over others and upgrade your skill set.

Live classes

Personalized Learning

Course plans and teaching methodologies in our Live classes are centered around different learning needs, interests and goals of individual learners to provide them extremely personalized learning experience.

Live classes

Reward for Achievement

We value every accomplishment of our learners which is why, after completion of every course, learners are awarded with a certificate to invoke in them a feeling of pride and achievement.

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Live classes

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A Word from Parents

Letter from our Learners


Reasons why your kid is performing poorly

Is your kid performing poorly and having a lot of stress lately? Most parents relate good performance to good grades in school, but that’s not right. Overall performance is much more than just scoring straight As in academic subjects. Have you ever wondered if your kid is anxious or uncomfortable about anything? Maybe, it’s the teacher’s teaching methodology that they are not satisfied with or the monotonous lessons! No matter if your kid is performing well or poorly, the class lessons will continue even if your child is lagging. But this is just one of the many problems children face during their education. Multiple other issues need to be eradicated from the root to improve children’s overall performance.

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Best foreign languages to learn in 2022! (And why?)

Have you been looking for new languages to learn? Are you confused about which foreign language to learn in 2022? If you are struggling with questions like these, we might be able to help you here. Your reasons for learning a new language might be because of your likeness to a culture, or you want to increase your chances of getting accepted to an international university. But maybe you only want to know the best language to learn the business or make your travel smooth. If you have all these doubts, we might be able to help you choose wisely.
Read on to know the best languages to learn in 2022 and why they are beneficial.

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Top 5 skills for kids to learn in 2022

Have you ever wondered about what the world will be like in 20 years? A faint image might come to your mind, but that’s it, an image fathomed by the human mind based on data that it gathers every day. All the hype created by print and digital media about the future makes us anxious and excited at the same time. Whether we like it or not, it is eminent that survival will become harder. Only the sharpest and most flexible minds will be able to live life on their terms. But is it enough to create a self-sufficient life in the competitive world? The answer is no. Amongst all the other things, education is the foundation of a successful life. Education here is not equivalent to what the kids learn in school and coaching institutions. It goes beyond that. To face the challenges that lie ahead, honing some extraordinary skills is the need of the hour.

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