30 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids in 2022

Last Updated: May 4, 2024

Being a parent is one of the most extraordinary superpowers, and with power comes great responsibility. Finding appropriate content online for kids is one of those responsibilities. With the emergence of diverse resources on the internet, it has become necessary to filter out the media that is imperative for the constructive growth of kids. YouTube is one of the mediums with a plethora of educational and funny kid-friendly videos. Narrowing down the list of appropriate channels for kids on YouTube can be tedious, and we understand that. Thus, we have created a list of popular and best educational YouTube channels for kids to help make things easier for parents. The engaging videos on YouTube will help kids learn new stuff and enjoy their fun time.

Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

Here is the list of the 30 best educational YouTube channels for kids.

1. Bright Side

No. of subscribers: 44.6 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

A YouTube channel that fuels curiosity in young minds. Kids, tweens, and teens can enjoy the videos from this educational Youtube channel which inform about effective life hacks, mind-blowing puzzles, and astonishing facts about the universe.

2. Ted-Ed

No. of subscribers: 19.8 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

If you are a parent whose kid likes to ask questions, then Ted-Ed is your go-to YouTube channel. The channel is known for creating aesthetic animated videos to solve diverse childhood queries. The videos are suitable for kids and tweens and will help them feed their curiosity.

3. National Geographic Kids

No. of subscribers: 1.12 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Teaching kids about diverse topics like the animal kingdom, the human body, types of climates, stars and planets, cultures, traditions, etc., is crucial for making them aware of their surroundings. National Geographic Kids has numerous informative videos suitable for kids, Tweens, and Teens.

4. PBS Kids

No. of subscribers: 2.33 Million

Video accessibility: Paid

PBS Kids is known for educational shows that aim to educate kids older than five years of age and tweens. The channel also offers a segment called ‘read-along’ for its viewers where parents and their kids can indulge in story-time activities together and make the most of their quality time.

5. Learn Bright

No. of subscribers: 467,000

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Learn Bright caters to the academic learning needs of the kids. From acquiring information about historical occurrences to knowing the difference between asteroids and comets, kids can find answers to their complicated questions. Kids and Pre-teens can learn a lot from this channel.

6. Minute Physics

No. of subscribers: 5.76 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Believe us when we say Physics can be fun. Minute Physics is a Youtube channel that uses whiteboard animation to explain diverse physics-related concepts. It is one of the best Youtube channels for kids to develop a strong foundation in Physics from an early age. Suitable for all physics enthusiasts.

7. Khan Academy Kids

No. of subscribers: 241,000

Video accessibility: Free of cost

This YouTube channel is a place for parents and their kids to come together and learn a lot of diverse topics. There are plenty of learning resources for kids to learn about their surroundings and improve their academic scores. The appropriate audience is Kids in grades 1 to 4.

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8. Art For Kids Hub

No. of subscribers: 8.03 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Are you a parent whose kid loves Art? If yes, then Art for kids hub is one of the best YouTube channels for your kid. New lessons get uploaded every week to help kids explore their creative side and polish their Art skills. There are recommendations for Art supplies for kids who are beginners. It is one of the best educational YouTube channels for kids and tweens.

9. Veritasium

No. of subscribers: 15.4 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Veritasium is one of the best educational YouTube channels that primarily makes science videos. It will help kids develop awareness about an extensive range of scientific concepts, phenomena, and hacks. The videos are engaging, and along with the kids, parents can also enjoy watching and acquiring information from these.

10. Sesame Street

No. of subscribers: 23.8 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Sesame Street is a wholesome YouTube channel where kids can learn about diverse topics like cultures, traditions, poems, animals, cooking, folklores, etc. The USP of this channel is how it teaches inclusivity to kids. A channel highly recommended for kids up to 8 years of age.

11. Brain POP

No. of subscribers: 192,000

Video accessibility: Paid

BrainPop offers curriculum-based learning to kids with the help of engaging animated videos. Kids will be able to learn from educators belonging to different fields of education and strengthen their foundation in an extensive range of subjects.

12. Sick Science

No. of subscribers: 1.01 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Science can be cool, and Sick Science is here to prove it. A YouTube channel that is perfect for young science enthusiasts. It is full of short, engaging videos with content that aims to teach kids about diverse science experiments. Instead of narration, instructions are displayed on the screen to make them clearly understood by kids. Suitable for kids and tweens.

13. Cosmic Kids Yoga

No. of subscribers: 1.58 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

A healthy body is a healthy mind. Along with adults, kids also need to take care of their bodily strength, mindfulness, and balance. Cosmic Kids Yoga is a Health & Fitness YouTube channel for kids where they get introduced to yoga techniques and the right way to perform them. Any child above 3 years of age is suitable for the channel’s content.

14. Houston Zoo

No. of subscribers: 51,400

Video accessibility: Free of cost

This YouTube channel has animal videos that will make kids aware of the natural world. From the comfort of their homes, parents and kids can learn a lot about diverse kinds of animals. The content will help kids understand animal behaviors and why it is crucial to care for wildlife.

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15. Be Smart

No. of subscribers: 5.12 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

The universe is mysterious, and it fascinates kids and adults alike. Kids often ask innumerable questions about the universe and scientific phenomena. It’s Okay to be Smart is a perfect YouTube channel for kids who are curious about and interested in knowing about the universe. Suitable for kids above the age of 6.

16. Storyline Online

No. of subscribers: 703,000

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Kids who love to read and listen to stories will love the content on StorylineOnline. Imaginative stories with morals and creative illustrations in the video will keep kids engaged and entertained. This channel can inspire kids to develop reading habits and improve their literary skills.

17. Geek Gurl Diaries

No. of subscribers: 34,600

Video accessibility: Free of cost

This YouTube channel has plenty of educational videos on diverse topics like Science, Technology, Computing, and everything Geek. For #IWD2016, it featured on YouTube’s ‘Women Create’ campaign. Kids who want to strengthen their foundation in STEM Subjects should subscribe to this channel. Suitable for tweens and above.

18. Socratica Kids

No. of subscribers: 165,000

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Socratica Kids is a fun YouTube channel that creates fun and educational videos for kids to educate them about miscellaneous topics like alphabets, numbers, arithmetic, kids science, nursery rhymes, and many more. It is one of the best educational YouTube channels for kids older than 3 years.

19. Common Sense Education

No. of subscribers: 102,000

Video accessibility: Free of cost

This YouTube channel has plenty of learning recommendations available for parents and kids. Additionally, videos related to online safety, privacy, cyberbullying, etc., are uploaded on the channel to teach kids the importance of being a good digital citizen. The appropriate audience is elementary-aged kids.

20. Dodo Kids

No. of subscribers: 2.47 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Animals are no different than humans, and Dodo Kids is the perfect YouTube channel to be aware of animals and their behaviors in-depth. From adorable wild baby animals to lovable pets, kids will enjoy watching the nuances of animal behavior. The appropriate audience for this channel is every animal lover!

21. Make Me Genius

No. of subscribers: 433,000

Video accessibility: Free of cost

There are many amusing scientific occurrences in our world, and sadly, we are not aware of them. But worry not! Make Me Genius is here to save the day. This YouTube channel answers many of the burning questions that kids often have in their minds. There are diverse topics to learn from, and the appropriate audience for the channel content is kids and tweens.

22. Hoffman Academy

No. of subscribers: 235,000

Video accessibility: Free of cost

This YouTube channel is good news for kids who want to learn Piano from the comfort of their homes. With the help of numerous interactive step-by-step video lessons, beginners can explore their interest in playing the Piano and begin their journey as piano players with Hoffman Academy.

23. Red Ted Alert

No. of subscribers: 957,000

Video accessibility: Free of cost

This YouTube channel is full of Art and Craft engaging and creative video lessons that kids, tweens, and teens will enjoy irrespective of their age range. Along with individual art projects, there are plenty of ‘Together Projects’ that kids can create with their parents to make their family time more creative.

24. Tinker Lab

No. of subscribers: 8,760

Video accessibility: Free of cost

TinkerLab is a perfect YouTube channel for young kids who have interests in a variety of topics. From creative art activities to startling science experiments, kids can learn and educate themselves with the capturing and informational video lessons. Kids up to the age of 10 are the appropriate audience.

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25. Mother Goose Club

No. of subscribers: 9.34 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Finally! Something specific to preschoolers. This channel uploads content that educates preschoolers about nursery rhymes, informational songs, dances, and sing-alongs. The videos are colorful, eye-catching, and high on entertainment and information quotient.

26. Super Simple Songs

No. of subscribers: 41.5 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Are you finding quality nursery rhymes for your kid? Worry no more, as Super Simple Songs is here to save the day. This YouTube channel has rhymes and songs for nearly every situation. With creative animated videos and important values to teach, Super Simple Songs is a suitable YouTube channel for kids above 3 years.

27. DeMaio

No. of subscribers: 435,000

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Mr. DeMaio is an educational YouTube channel where Mr. DeMaio answers kids’ questions about diverse topics like Historical events, Dinosaurs, The solar system, Culture, Traditions, Folklores, Geography, etc. The videos are wholesome for kids as they are entertaining, visually captivating, and full of knowledge. The appropriate audience is kids and tweens.

28. Baby Einstein

No. of subscribers: 917,000

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Baby Einstein is a YouTube channel where parents will find a lot of good content for their toddlers. The animated videos on this channel are a visual treat and impart knowledge about Manners, Numbers, Rhymes, etc. The content will help accelerate the learning journey of toddlers and achieve developmental milestones.

29. Homeschool Pop

No. of subscribers: 1.24 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Homeschool Pop is a fun, exciting, and knowledgeable YouTube channel for kids above the age of 3 years. There are videos on diverse topics like Numbers, Time, Animals, Insects, History, and Basic science from which kids can learn a lot and improve their grades.

30. Kids Learning Tube

No. of subscribers: 2.04 Million

Video accessibility: Free of cost

Kids Learning Tube is a YouTube channel with vast content which will help kids improve their General Knowledge. There are videos for a broad area of topics. Kids interested in astronomy, earth science, geography, and more will love this channel. The animated videos will keep kids engaged and informed. The appropriate audience is kids above 6 years of age.

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