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Last Updated: June 13, 2024

As Parents, we try our best to provide our children with the best education . However, at times we have to understand a little more effort is required to help our children get that extra polishing. An after school Program focused on area of interest can really help here. Science or Maths are subjects that require a bit more focus or say more guidance. Every school has a timetable of units that must be completed before specific semester exams. And so, in the rush to finish, chapters or units that require more time or attention may likely be overlooked. On the contrary in an after school program there is no rush and children learn things easily.

Here comes the point where we as a parent have to decide what extra steps can be taken. Enrolling your child in an after-school math, science, or art program can indeed help them stand out from the crowd.

Excelling in the academic curriculum is one thing, and achieving an overall flamboyant personality is another. And when we look for it, we will find beyond the classroom door there is a world of opportunities for children to explore and discover their passion. Engaging your child in sports, art, camping, or any other activity that keeps them occupied provides a much-needed opportunity for self-renewal. Besides it also teaches them valuable life lessons like patience, teamwork, and time management. Moreover they  learn to see competition positively and that eventually complements their academic career. The range of extracurricular activities offered through after school program is vast and varied, a maze of almost limitless alternatives ranging from athletics to science to arts.

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We have put together a list of ten options to help you make a more informed decision because we know that choosing the best option for your child can be a bit overwhelming for some of you.

1. Academic classes

Children frequently struggle in academic courses like math and science, which take up more than an hour in the classroom. In general these are the courses where teachers must be aware of each student’s unique learning style and pace to create a thorough understanding. This can be challenging in classrooms especially with larger strengths.

An extra hour where the child learns at his pace is helpful in getting a clear understanding of the subject.

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2. Chess

Chess is one such indoor game that is fun but also requires a lot of careful planning and strategic thinking. One has to think what the next move of their opponent can be and play accordingly. This needs a well-thought-out move. All these qualities help a kid academically as well as refine their interpersonal skills.

Pic Credit: Chesskid

3. Art Classes

When children play with colors, drawing shapes not only enhances their creativity but also regulates their hand eye coordination.  It takes a lot of patience and time to give idea in one’s head an actual form and when completed gives a feeling of accomplishment. In addition it is also proven to help with anxiety and stress issues.

After school program for arts

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4. Computer Programming Class

We are living in a world where possibly everything is based on computers. Consequently it has become more of a necessity to introduce your kids to the basics of learning computer language. It will not only engage your child in some extracurricular activity but also complement your kid academically.

after school class for computer learning
Pic Credit: codemonkey

5. Foreign Language class

Amongst the many benefits of being multilingual, the best is it helps in fostering new friendships with people from different backgrounds. Being a multilingual comes to use when in later life one has to navigate through the multitude of universities for higher study or job opportunities.

6. Dance Class

dance classes for kids after school

Do we know of better entertaining after school activity than this? Our answer would be absolutely No! It’s fun, it’s exciting, and also one of the best ways to keep fit. Dancing requires a lot of coordination and teamwork, hence it is a terrific way to teach your child these valuable skills while they also make some amazing friends.

7. Cooking Class

Cooking Class for Kids
Pic Credit: Food & Wine

Cooking courses for young children can be a terrific way to foster creativity and experimentation in. Cooking introduces them to the ingredients of the food they are making, which can eventually help them develop healthy eating habits. Because they will constantly be presenting their fancy cuisine, it can also help them form strong bonds with their friends and families.

8. Swimming Class

Swimming class for Kids

Not only a must-have life-saving skill, swimming is a great physical workout. Kids or adults, mostly everyone loves playing in the water. For individuals with a strong spirit of adventure and exploration, swimming is a great way to access the immense splendour of nature found deep within water bodies.

9. Yoga Class

Kids Learning Yoga

Taking up yoga at a young age is a smart move that will pay off in the long run. Yoga promotes the development of proper posture, flexibility, and balance in young children—all of which are essential for their developing bodies. Children who practice yoga from an early age can lay a solid basis for lifelong physical and mental wellness, preparing them for a happier and healthier future.

10. Sports

Enrolling your child in a sport that they enjoy is the most well-known and, hands down, the best activity you can do. There are several advantages to playing sports, including improved physical health and less stress and anxiety. It also aids in the acquisition of important skills like cooperation, graciously accepting setbacks and goal-oriented thinking.

A girl Playing Tennis

All the above-listed classes help your kid’s development in their unique way. Many organizations offer well-curated curricula online so that you can get the best while in the comforts of your home. Kids Infinite Learning is one such place where you can explore a variety of options that are mentioned above such as Computer Programming class or their Chess class. When it comes to their Academic after-school  Programs they cover a broad range of curricula tailored according to various school’s Syllabus.

You can also look out for websites like:
Outschool, Lumos Learning

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