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Social Anxiety in Kids: Common Symptoms & Helpful Tips

Upon getting introduced to an unfamiliar environment, kids start developing a thought process of their own that might be different from what they have learned from their parents. It results in the generation of differences between learning and thinking; what they think could be entirely different from what they have...

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30 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids in 2022

Being a parent is one of the most extraordinary superpowers, and with power comes great responsibility. Finding appropriate content online for kids is one of those responsibilities. With the emergence of diverse resources on the internet, it has become necessary to filter out the media that is imperative for the...

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The 50 best kids’ movies on Netflix (2018-2022)

Are you a parent who is planning a perfect movie date night for your kids? Then, you must have prepared every movie date essential, from salted butter popcorns to snuggly blankets. Afterall, it is significant for parents to indulge with their children in fun movie date nights. Oh wait, is...

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7 Tips to reduce your kid’s screen time

From the invention of Oldowan toolkits to the creation of virtual reality (VR), humanity has witnessed tremendous technological evolution. There is no denying the fact that technology has ingrained itself into our daily lives to a substantial extent. The circumstantial evidence of this claim can be 7-year-old kids who own...

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Best animated movies for kids between the ages of 6 and 8

In this day and age, finding movies that appeal to the whole family is very difficult. Parents keep looking for best animated movies for kids that are entertaining and convey positive messages. Whether we accept it or not, the entertainment industry is one of the most influential mediums that play...

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10 books every kid must read! (For ages 6 to 12)

There are many activities that kids have to incorporate into their lives, like adhering to daily routines, doing homework, developing new habits, and whatnot! Nevertheless, being a kid brings us joy and lets us celebrate even the smallest of achievements. One of these achievements is the development of good habits....

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Reasons why your kid is performing poorly

Is your kid performing poorly and having a lot of stress lately? Most parents relate good performance to good grades in school, but that's not right. Overall performance is much more than just scoring straight As in academic subjects. Have you ever wondered if your kid is anxious or uncomfortable...

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Best foreign languages to learn in 2022! (And why?)

Have you been looking for new languages to learn? Are you confused about which foreign language to learn in 2022? If you are struggling with questions like these, we might be able to help you here. Your reasons for learning a new language might be because of your likeness to...

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Top 5 skills for kids to learn in 2022

Have you ever wondered about what the world will be like in 20 years? A faint image might come to your mind, but that’s it, an image fathomed by the human mind based on data that it gathers every day. All the hype created by print and digital media about...

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How can kids become future-ready?

Whenever we hear the word future-ready, we often relate it to a successful professional life. But that’s not accurate. The world is changing faster than ever. The speed at which the global economy is changing has led to a 360-degree paradigm shift in the world’s definition of success. In today’s...

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The New Age of Learning

In today’s world, where everyone is in a race to match the dynamics of an ever-changing technologically advanced ecosystem just depending on an age-old education practice where a major part of the curriculum comprises of academics cannot do justice. There is a dire need for a change in our obsolete...

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Why Online Learning is Trending these Days!!

Online Live Classes have become hugely popular in past 10 years and there are multiple factors supporting it. Online leaning which started as a comfort has become a necessity. A large number of students are turning to online learning courses because these courses have become a better way to learn....

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