Best animated movies for kids between the ages of 6 and 8

Last Updated: November 3, 2022

In this day and age, finding movies that appeal to the whole family is very difficult. Parents keep looking for best animated movies for kids that are entertaining and convey positive messages. Whether we accept it or not, the entertainment industry is one of the most influential mediums that play a salient role in every kid’s life. The best example to quote here will be movies. Without a doubt, movies help kids learn meaningful lessons. These lessons strengthen the foundation of the better upbringing of the children. But the question is, how to find the best animated movies for kids. Parents often struggle greatly while finding meaningful films which are also high on the entertainment quotient. To help parents with their continuous predicament of not finding kid-friendly movies in time, we have prepared a list of 10 must-watch best animated movies for kids between the ages of 6 and 8. These movies will make you laugh, shed tears of joy, wander into imaginary cosmos, and learn some of the best lessons with positive messages. 

Here are 10 popular kid-friendly family movies that should undoubtedly be on your watch list.


1. Up


Topping the list is Up a spectacular movie about fulfilling one’s dreams. Carl Fredricksen is a 78-year-old man who lives alone in his house. He and his late wife had a dream, and to fulfill that, he has a plan. However, not everything goes as to his plan, and he has an uninvited guest called Russell, a stowaway, accompanying him on his journey to seek paradise falls. A lot happens along the way, and it is intriguing to watch how beautifully our protagonists find comfort in each other. A wholesome family entertainer, this should be on the top of must-watch lists of kids. The movie teaches about never giving up on your dreams, celebrating small achievements in our lives, loving people, and celebrating friendships.  


2. Finding Nemo

If you don’t live under a rock, you would have definitely heard about this movie at least once in your lifetime. Finding Nemo is about family love. Nemo is a clownfish with a foreshortened fin. As a result, Nemo’s father Marlin always overprotects him. One day while going to school, Nemo gets trapped by a diver. What comes next is Marlin’s journey to find his son accompanied by Dory, a blue reef fish with short-term memory. Upon watching this movie, you will feel numerous emotions that will make you laugh, cry, rage with anger, and understand the importance of having family and true friends. Finding Nemo is a must-watch film as it teaches important lessons about the complexities of the outside world and why it is vital to listen to the valuable advice of parents.

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3. Frozen

When we hear about a knight in shining armor, almost everybody imagines the same picture in their heads. But, it’s high time we change this stereotypical definition and image. Frozen is about Elsa and Anna, two sisters from the kingdom of Arendelle, who are each other’s knights in shining armor. The amount of love these two have for each other is immeasurable. This movie is about Elsa’s pursuit of self-acceptance and Anna’s never-ending faith in her sister. After watching this movie, kids and parents will learn meaningful messages and lessons about family love. Kids will learn that sometimes, family and true friends are our knights in shining armor, and their love can save us even in the most dangerous situations. Most importantly, you will meet Olaf, the funniest and the most lovable snowman to ever exist. 


4. Wall-E

The main story of the film Wall-E is about a waste-collecting robot of the same name. The film is set in the future when Earth is deemed unfit for providing to humans. It is left bereft of plants, animals, and above all, plagued with garbage. One day while doing his daily task, Wall-E comes across Eve, a surveillance robot. What follows next is a wholesome journey of self-awareness, curiosity, and positivity. Wall-E warns us about the problems our planet Earth has started to face, and if not paid attention to, these problems can become fatal. Kids should watch this movie as they will learn about environmentalism, humanity, and the importance of taking the right actions at the right time.


5. Inside Out

Emotions can be pretty tricky to understand at times. They make us feel vulnerable, strong, happy, sad, and immeasurably more than one can ever describe. Inside out is about emotions. The protagonist of this film is an 11-year-old girl called Riley, who goes through some life-changing events. These events take her through a roller coaster ride of emotions. The moral lesson of Inside Out is that everyone should embrace the wholeness of emotions, which will help in their self-regulation. Kids will learn that although emotional realizations can be hard-hitting, once accepted with open arms, they can be the greatest driving force in our lives. Being honest with our discomforting emotions and not running away from them will help us grow and understand ourselves better. 


6. Moana

Adventures fill our souls like nothing else, and Moana is about the journey of an adventure-seeking teenager Moana. Our protagonist Moana goes on one such adventure where she meets new people, encounters new situations, finds solutions to problems, pushes through boundaries, learns new lessons, and most importantly, finds a whole new belief in herself. To save her people from life-killing darkness, she embarks on a journey that will help her discover her identity. This movie should be on every kid’s watch list as it teaches about not giving up, focussing on our goals, facing fears with courage, embracing our true identity, and loving our family.   


7. Coco

Coco is so emotional that it will make you hug your family members right away. Miguel, a music lover like his grandfather, is not allowed to play music due to his family’s age-old ban placed by his ancestors. On one fateful night, Miguel accidentally lands up in the colorful and cheerful land of the dead. Over there, he meets his great grandparents, who help him uncover the reasons behind this mysterious ban. Unlike the preconceived notions, the land of the dead is a ‘lively’ place where all the ancestors live together and perform their daily routine tasks. A personal favorite, Coco hits the right chords at the right time. Kids should undoubtedly watch this movie as it teaches that family love is unconditional and how one should never give up on their dreams.  


8. Kung fu Panda

If you can dream it, you can do it. Swearing by this motto, the movie Kung Fu panda takes us on the journey of Po, a lazy but ambitious Panda, who finds his destiny in a most absurd but surprising way. He gets chosen by Master Oogway to fulfill an ancient prophecy. In his journey to becoming the perfect dragon warrior, our beloved goofy panda Po goes through numerous emotions. Kung Fu Panda is an inspiring story that teaches us to never give up on our dreams, to believe in our self-worth, to live in the present, and to believe in the power of family and friends. Parents should also watch this movie for its philosophy and morals, captivating and fun-filled plot, and comedic timing of the characters. 


9. How To Train Your Dragon

Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Loving your friends, accepting them as they are, and sticking by them through thick and thin are a few of the many lessons that this movie teaches us. Our protagonist is called Hiccup, who is a frail, underconfident, and insecure boy. His life turns upside down when he comes across an injured Night Fury dragon. How he befriends him (also, names him), finds the true meaning of friendship, and uncovers an entirely new side of him who is a brave, confident, and determined guy. Kids should watch how to train your dragon because this movie has many uplifting messages. It teaches about accepting oneself as we are and not conforming to others’ perspectives of us. Also, this movie emphasizes that it takes more courage to be kind and empathetic than be violent. Kids will undoubtedly love the film for its visuals and the loving bond of friendship between Hiccup and Toothless, his dragon friend. 


10. Happy Feet

Perseverance and determination can take you places, so keep hanging in there. With this thought as the central theme, the movie introduces us to the adventuresome life journey of Mumble, a cute little penguin. Mumble is often a subject of ridicule because of his inability to sing. As a result, Mumble always feels that he doesn’t belong where he is. He goes through different ordeals and perils to find his true identity. Happy Feet is a must-watch for kids as it is full of positive messages about loving one’s life to the fullest. It teaches us that through determination and dedication, we can cross any hurdle, no matter how big it is. 


Happy Watching 🙂

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