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Memory is one of the superpowers of the brain that help us in numerous ways. It is made up of multiple processes that help us gain, store, preserve information. Not only just this, when the time comes, memory also help us retrieve information whenever required. It would be wise to mention that memory is a valuable asset that help us make important and critical decisions, reflect on the past decisions and model all our future decisions based on our past experiences and learnings to have better result in the present.

We understand the importance and need of a good memory which is why we have designed this course, the main aim of which is to teach learners different types of memorization techniques. Through this course, learners will be able to learn different techniques to strengthen their memory, boost their brain power and memorize different types of information. This course will help you remember everything that’s important for you- From non- academic topics like Names, Vocabulary, Shopping lists, countries and their capitals to academic topics like Atomic numbers, Chemical equations, Poems, Multiplication tables and many more. There are two different plans- Proficient and Distinguished, which are designed keeping in mind the different learning needs of learners. Learners can enrol in any course plan that is convenient for them at any given time of the year.

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