Art Therapy

Art therapy is a discipline which is dedicated to the well being of people. Art therapy uses different types of art forms to help people express their emotions, thoughts and experiences. A state of well-being is achieved through Art therapy as it is used to stimulate self-confidence and self- awareness. As a result, people are able to acknowledge the emotional and psychological challenges and work upon them to improve the quality of life. The main intention behind Art therapy is to make people get aware of these challenges and uncover their hidden and repressed emotions. To simplify, Art therapy is a creative process which helps people delve deeper into their inner thoughts and express their emotions, perception of different things, different type of experiences and foster emotional resilience.

Based on different needs of different people, we are offering this course in two different plans – Enlightenment and Illumination. Enlightenment comprises of 5 different sessions and Illumination comprises of 10 different sessions. Both the plans are suitable for all age groups and no prior knowledge in art is required to take up these sessions. Each and every individual is eligible to take up these sessions irrespective of their artistic capabilities. We encourage everyone to take an assessment session before choosing a particular plan to identify which kind of therapeutic art activities will be most appropriate for them.


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