Vedic Maths

Mathematical skills are utilized in every endeavor of our lives. These skills provide us with the fundamental ability to learn and think logically. It is often seen that learners struggle with Maths and as a result, they distance themselves from this subject.

To help learners get rid of their fear of Math and improve their competitive edge, Vedic Math is the most sought-after Mental Arithmetic System. Vedic Math consists of 16 sutras (techniques) and 13 upa-sutras (sub-techniques), which help in solving a wide range of problems involved in Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus etc. Unlike conventional methods of Maths, Vedic Math give us the flexibility to choose the technique that is more convenient to us.

Our Vedic Math courses are designed specifically to cater to the different needs of learners. There are three expertise levels to choose from – Competent, Proficient and Distinguished. Learners will be able to choose the course that is more convenient to them. They will learn at their own pace and solve all their queries at a single platform.