Christmas activities for kids

Last Updated: January 19, 2023

As soon as the holiday season knocks at the door, the festive mania makes us go crazy with excitement. As much as kids, adults also look forward to the festive season that is a means of excitement and a much-needed break from their monotonous lives. Christmas is one such holiday that provides unmatched delight to kids and adults alike. Especially for kids, their restlessness knows no bounds as soon as December hits the calendar. While parents get busy with the decorations, delicacy preparations, entertaining guests, etc., kids look out for numerous ways to make Christmas memorable. Different families like to celebrate the festival of Christmas in their unique way. Some like to go out and watch the decorations, some visit their friends and families, while some want to stay home and have a cozy celebration. Thus, for parents who opt to stay at home and have intimate celebrations, it is a yearly tradition to look for Christmas activities for kids that they can do together at home. To help parents make Christmas more magical and extraordinary, here is a list of Christmas activities for kids to make the most of this winter festival. 

Christmas activities for kids to do at home

Make Gingerbread House

Have the best of both worlds with a savory Gingerbread house! There are countless easy recipes available on the internet that parents can help their kids follow to craft the Gingerbread house of their choice. And after it is made, the whole family can relish it and satiate their sweet tooth. Hence, this creatively constructed delicacy is one of the exciting Christmas activities for kids. 

Create DIY Snowglobes

This Christmas, give a DIY touch to your celebrations with DIY snowglobes that kids can create with basic craft supplies in under 20-30 minutes. Parents can help add wintry cheer to their celebrations by finding a perfect snow globe idea on the internet or letting their kids take charge of their masterpieces with their ingenious creativity. This easy Christmas craft for kids can be utilized as a gift for friends and families or as decorative pieces in homes.

Bake Christmas Cookies

Engage your kids in delicious cookie-making activities because no Christmas celebration is complete without cookies. There are different types of Christmas cookies that kids can bake with their parents’ help. Parents can look for easy cookie recipe instructions for kids online and choose an easy and delicious one. Keep your kids entertained and fed with this mouth-watering activity.

Play Christmas Bingo

A perfect game for people of all ages! The entire family can sit together and play this game in the comfort of their homes. This great Christmas party game will add a fun quotient to Christmas celebrations. Buy Bingo printables with Christmas-themed iterations and make this activity more competitive by keeping attractive rewards for the winner(s). 

Popcorn Craft

Let us get the popcorn popping because this is party time! To make some popcorn craft for Christmas, kids can use popcorn or other alternatives to make different objects that are beautiful-looking and delicious. For example, kids can create popcorn jewelry for all family members. The activity is easy and fun to create. Parents can also participate with their kids to make it a wholesome family activity.

Decorate Christmas Candles

While the older members get busy with the preparations, kids can indulge in crafty activities. To keep the kids in the holiday spirit, parents can organize a Christmas candle decoration party to keep the kids occupied and entertained. Instead of store-bought ornaments, decorate homes with personalized things kids create with love. 

Make Cards & Write Letters

Take advantage of this time-honored tradition and make people around you happy with personalized DIY cards and letters. Along with family members, kids can gift these handmade crafts to people like nurses, firefighters, police, janitors, plumbers, etc., who offer their honorable services throughout the year. This year, pledge to make the festive spirit happy and warm for everybody. 

Watch Christmas Movies

What is a better conclusion to Christmas night than sipping hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies with family? It is one of those Christmas activities for kids that is equally enjoyed by adults too. 

We have curated a list of popular Christmas movies for kids that can help you escape into a whole other magical realm.

Popular family-friendly Christmas movies

1. Home alone

Rated: PG
Year of release: 1990

Summary: Mischief-maker Kevin McCallister is forced to sleep in the attic by his mother the night before the family travels to Paris. Kevin accidentally misses the departure for the airport, and when he wakes up to find the house vacant, he believes that his desire to be alone in the house has been granted. But, there’s a twist! There are unwelcomed guests and he is the only one who can stop those two con artists from robbing the McCallister residence.

2. Rise of the guardians

Rated: PG
Year of release: 2012

Summary: Children all throughout the world are shielded from gloom and hopelessness by eternal Guardians like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. Pitch Black, a wicked boogeyman, however, plots to destroy children’s faith in the Guardians in order to destroy them. In order to foil Pitch’s schemes and prevent the extinction of the Guardians, it is up to the winter fairy Jack Frost to save the faith of children.

3. The nightmare before Christmas

Rated: PG
Year of release: 1993

Summary: When Jack Skellington unintentionally wanders into Christmastown, a place of lively colours and warm spirits, he finds a new lease on life and plots to take over Santa Claus in order to control Christmas. The movie follows the shenanigans of Jack Skellington, Halloweentown’s lovable pumpkin king, who has grown weary of scaring people in the “real world” every year. Jack is enthralled by this brand-new concept of Christmas upon entering the Christmas world and feels driven to share it with the people of Halloween Town.

4. Dreamworks holiday classics

Rated: PG
Year of release: 2011

Summary: A collection of Christmas-themed short films by DreamWorks.


5. Nutcracker and the four realms

Rated: PG
Year of release: 2018

Summary: A miraculous, one-of-a-kind key is required by little Clara in order to open a box containing a precious present. A golden thread guides her to the desirable key, but it vanishes into a weird and mysterious parallel realm. She encounters a soldier named Phillip, some mice, and the governors who rule over three worlds in that world. Now Clara and Phillip must travel to a fourth world in order to get the key and bring peace to the troubled region.

6. Alone for Christmas

Rated: PG
Year of release: 2013

Summary: On Christmas Eve, a family goes to Grandma’s house but leaves their dog at home by himself. The dog must apply every trick in its expertise to defeat three criminals when they attempt to steal the gifts from underneath the Christmas tree.

7. A Christmas Carol

Rated: PG
Year of release: 2019

Summary: While London eagerly anticipates the joyous arrival of Christmas, miserly Ebenezer Scrooge believes it is all a big hoax and criticises his loyal clerk and cheery nephew for their viewpoint. Later, Scrooge runs into his deceased business partner’s ghost, who informs him that three ghosts will visit him. In an effort to help Scrooge overcome his resentment, the ghosts take him on a tour through his past, present, and future.

8. Arthur Christmas

Rated: PG
Year of release: 2011

Summary: Nobody is aware of the well-kept secret that Santa pulls off his magical work using an extremely high-tech facility located beneath the North Pole. However, one day something unthinkable and unexpected happens. Someone has to intervene to save the day as Santa misses one child out of hundreds of millions. Now, it is up to the youngest son of Santa, Arthur, to provide the forgotten child a gift until the Christmas morning.

9. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas journey

Rated: PG
Year of release: 2020

Summary: Toymaker Jeronicas is devastated when his assistant robs his idea book and an uncommon matador doll. He loses the will to make new toys until his granddaughter visits him a few years later. This movie emphasizes the significance of second chances, believing in yourself, forgiveness, and kindness.


10. The grinch

Rated: PG
Year of release: 2018

Summary: The Grinch lives alone in a cave on Mount Crumpet with his devoted dog, Max. His biggest source of annoyance is when his Whoville neighbours celebrate Christmas and do so in a loud and boisterous manner. The angry Grinch realises there is only one way to find peace and quiet. The green grump devises a plan with Max’s assistance to impersonate Santa Claus, steal Christmas, and permanently put an end to the holiday spirit of its neighbours.

11. A Cinderella story: Christmas wish

Rated: PG
Year of release: 2019

Summary: A promising singer’s journey to success is obstructed by her evil stepmother and two stepsisters. She begins to develop feelings for the charming new Santa as she begins working at a business to help her dreams come true.

12. Trolls holiday

Rated: PG
Year of release: 2017

Summary: The Bergens, who were earlier troll-eating creatures, no longer have anything to celebrate after abolishing their sole holiday, ‘Trollstice.’ The Trolls’ queen Poppy realizes that Bergens do not have festivities on their calendar to celebrate. To show Bergens how much fun celebrating can be, Poppy, Branch, and the Snack Pack board the Caterbus Express and travel to Bergen Town.

13. Noelle

Rated: G
Year of release: 2019

Summary: Noelle is in the holiday spirit, but she secretly longs to accomplish something significant like her brother Nick, who will be in charge this Christmas in place of their absent father. Noelle advises Nick to take a break and get away when he is about to give in to the pressure. However, when Nick doesn’t show up, Noelle must look for her brother and bring him back in time to save Christmas.


14. Olaf’s frozen adventure

Rated: PG
Year of release: 2017

Summary: Anna and Elsa come to the realization that they don’t have any family customs or traditions as the people of Arendelle gets busy in celebrating their individual family customs. To save the Christmas spirit, Olaf teams up with Sven and embarks on a joyful adventure to bring best family traditions to their home.

15. Klaus

 Year of Release: 2019  
Rating: PG  

Summary: Jesper gets transferred to a forsaken post office in the spooky island nation of Smeerensburg. Here he meets Klaus, an isolated toymaker who lives deep in the woods. Together, the two seek to bring happiness and transformation to the bitter inhabitants. This movie teaches that connections, friendships, and love for each other are vital to leading a happy life. 

Craft a Wreath

Stage your Christmas day with crafty activities. Kids can yield a Christmas DIY piece that parents can use to decorate the houses. The weather in December can be frightful, so make it lively by creating colorful wreaths. To add further beauty to your wreath, look for tutorials online that teach how to make ornaments for wreaths at home. 

Christmas Karaoke

A wise man said that music is the life of any party, and we could not agree more. Find the karaoke versions of Christmas classics, hop on the microphone, and get into the festive spirit. It is time to sneak the Christmas tune way ahead and fill the homes with the groovy sounds of the season!

Here are some of the best Christmas songs for kids and the whole family to enjoy.

  1. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Judy Garland
  2. “White Christmas” by Michael Bublé
  3. “Christmas Time” by Backstreet Boys
  4. “Frosty the Snowman” by Gene Autry
  5. “Wonderful Christmas Time” by Diana Ross
  6. “Let It Snow” by Boyz II Men
  7. “Jingle Bell Rock” by Bobby Helms
  8. “The Little Drummer Boy” by Bing Crosby and David Bowie
  9. “Here Comes Suzy Snowflake” by Rosemary Clooney
  10. “Run Rudolph Run” by Chuck Berry

Merry Christmas!! 🙂 

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