Art and Craft

Every person in this world is blessed with creativity in some form or the other. The unmitigated joy of creating something out of our imagination is what drives all of us to indulge in activities that involve creating new things. Art & Craft is a discipline that teaches us that there are unlimited and endless ways of giving life to your ideas and thoughts. There are different manners in which this discipline is incorporated in our lives. For some, it is the medium of self-expression and overall well-being while for others, it is a form of happiness and recreation. It also helps in exploring interests, finding passion and discover different cultures.

We understand the needs of our learners, which is why we have designed different plans which are in accordance with their necessities. This course has 3 different expertise plans – Competent, Proficient and Distinguished. Each plan has different features and involves a variety of art & craft concepts and topics that are suited to the convenience of the learners. The course is extremely personalized and you can start at any time of the year.

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