World Knowledge

The world that we live in is a fascinating place and it is full of so many captivating and wonderful things that we all should be aware of. The vast knowledge about diverse topics opens our eyes and let us see the world in a new light. In this age of globalization, it is important to have general awareness as it leads to development of better understanding and broad mindset about a lot of different things. There are many benefits of being aware of the world and having ample knowledge about it. Having this knowledge not only makes you street-smart but also lets you make well-informed decisions and perform better academically.

We greatly understand and value the importance of being aware and up-to-date which is why, we have designed this course for all the enthusiastic learners who are curious about diverse topics and want to learn different things about our world. This course has been divided into two course plans- Proficient and Distinguished. Learners can choose any course plan which they feel is more convenient for them and proceed with booking a Free Trial if they feel like knowing a little more about the course and the course instructor.

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