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Website development is the process of creating a website and the work that goes into building it. This could involve any task from creating a simple plain-text webpage to a complicated web application or social network development.
In this technology-driven world, more than half of this world’s population is actively using the internet. The major part of the internet is the presence of enormous amounts of websites, which is why Web Development is important. It is one of the most rapidly growing industries and the demand for web developers has been increasing on a daily basis.

Due to ever increasing demand of Web Developers, need for efficient and comprehensive Web Development courses has also increased. This is why, we have created this course which will help all the programmers and non-programmers (Beginners). In this course, you will learn the basic tools that every web page coder needs to know. From learning to implement modern web pages with HTML5 and CSS3 to coding your web page in a way that its components rearrange and resize themselves automatically based on the size of the user’s screen. You will also get introduced to one of the most popular and powerful languages of the web - JavaScript. This course will give you all the insights on how the Internet works and after the course is complete, you will have ample knowledge to create your own website with the latest technology.

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Skills Acquired

Analytical Skills

Analyse and adapt to the required changes to ensure proper functioning of the website.


Utilize this most commonly used markup language to structure and build your web page.


Make your web page extremely presentable in terms of colors, design, fonts and layout by using CSS.

Construction of Logical Argument

Build clear and coherent approaches to solve a problem and support your conclusion


Create a highly interactive website by implementing complex features on web page by using JavaScript.

Responsive Web Design

Deliver consistent result by creating a web page with responsive designs.

Testing and Debugging Skills

Test your webpage regularly for errors and debug the code to eliminate the errors.


Interpret and reflect upon different types of visual problems in your mind

Learner's Benefits


Get a free hosting account and upload all your projects to share with your family, friends & clients.


Build your very first personalized Dynamic Web Page using HTML5, CCS3 and JavaScript and use it as your own.

Latest Curriculum

The curriculum has been designed & regularly updated in accordance with latest Tech market.

Package of 50+
Functional forms

Create forms like classic, multistep, pop-up menu, pop up bottom, modal and many more varieties.

Webpage content

Fill your webpage with the content that you prefer and build your website the way you want to make it.


Sunaina Sangeet

Programming Tutor

Hello everyone! My name is Sunaina Sangeet and I am from Kerala. I have a Master’s Degree in computer Engineering. I completed my Post Graduation in the year 2015 and started my journey as an Educator in the same year. I chose Teaching as my profession because I believe that a Teacher never stops learning. For me, Learning is an on-going process. Without it, there is no development and creativity. I also like to be with Learners because they are highly imaginative and full of creativity. Interacting with them makes me aware of different types of emotions they go through. My students really help me see the world through a different lens.
 I teach coding because I believe that it is one of the most necessary skills to learn in recent times. I have worked as a Computer Science Teacher in various institutions since 2015. Throughout these years, I have taught students of different abilities and different age groups. I strongly believe that there is a spark in every Learner, they just need to recognize it.  When I share knowledge with students on a particular topic, I always try to focus on all aspects related to that. I always make sure that Learners are understanding every concept from the root and for that, I encourage them to go beyond the textbook and try things themselves. I really love being a Teacher and I cherish my time with the students.

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Coding for kids

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Through our courses, many learners have upgraded their skill sets and improved their academic performance.


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Learn from dedicated, accomplished and highly qualified experts with exemplary teaching experiences.

Flexible Timing

Flexible Timings

Enrol and start LIVE interactive classes at any time of the year from any part of the world.

Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning

Set your own goal. Classes are customized according to learner’s strengths, interests and needs.

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Acquire diversified knowledge of competent skills and gain a competitive edge over peers.


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Classes are designed to make the learning process interesting, fun-filled and knowledgeable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely. This course is designed in a way that any learner who is either a beginner or want to brush up their skills can enrol in this course.

If you’re enthusiastic about building and developing functional websites and deliver impressive user experiences, this program is perfect for you.

Yes, it is possible. We have designed our curriculum in a way that switching between expertise levels would not be a hassle for learners. Just drop your plan switch request at - contactus@amitg14.sg-host.com

Learner will create a website of his own which will contain the basic information of a child like self-introduction, hobbies, activities, best friends, favourite cartoon, favourite color, favourite books and many other interesting things. For more details, please have a look at the detailed curriculum.

Absolutely. Our course curriculum is highly flexible and we prioritize unique learning needs of different learners.

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