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As curious minds step into early childhood, they begin to explore the world around them through various means. They start taking initiative to participate in different kinds of activities, develop a view of people surrounding them, display various types of behaviors, ask questions and find reasons behind every occurrence.  At this age, kids tend to start following their own routine, become curious and start looking at the outside world with their own perspective. There are multiple developmental milestones like physical, emotional, social, languages etc. that kids achieve at this age. Crucial life skills like empathy, sympathy, decision-making ability, understanding emotions, problem-solving, communication & collaboration, self-awareness, critical thinking, creative thinking, self-control etc., are acquired at this stage of life.
Between the age of 3.5 to 6.5 years, kids start shaping up their personality based on their interaction with family members and outside world. They start thinking in their own way which is why, it is very important to help kids understand and comprehend different types of concepts. It is also necessary to teach them skills which will help them tackle various challenges that they will come across in their lives.
It is vital to start training kids at an early age as it promotes their growth and holistic development. We understand how important the learning process is, which is why we have tailored our curriculum keeping in mind the different needs of learners by consulting child education specialists.
Our curriculum is entirely based on the developmental milestones and focuses more on the wholesome learning and overall development of the kids. There are different course plans that parents can choose as per the need of their kid(s) and proceed as per their convenience.

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Skills Acquired

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Life Skills

These include activities that are crucial for survival. For example, hygiene, dressing and undressing, manners, doing small tasks on their own, self-expression, making connections with people, time management, self-awareness, take care of their belongings and many more like these.

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Fine Motor Skills

These skills mainly include physical actions that involve the engagement of smaller muscles of the hands, fingers and wrist which make kids perform actions like coloring inside the lines, coordinating hands to brush their teeth or comb hair, copying letters and alphabets, drawing basic pictures, completing mini puzzles etc.

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Gross Motor Skills

These skills include physical actions that involve the engagement of larger muscles in different body parts like arms, legs, torso etc. which help kids perform actions like climbing on playground gym, using bathroom by themselves, hop using only one foot, catch a ball, walk backwards, keep their balance while standing on only one foot etc.

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Language Skills

The kids acquire language developmental milestones like naming different color names, sing songs and recite rhymes, use complex sentences, answer the telephone, respond with appropriate answers, understand time sequences, use imagination to create scenarios, give directions etc.

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Learning Skills

These skills include different activities which makes a kid memorize certain actions like matching similar objects, remember sequence of doing things, perform small chores, identify and address family members and friends with right names, take care of their own belongings etc.

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Cognitive Skill

This category include multiple activities like that help in the development of brain and let toddlers think, explore different things and ideas and figure them out. For example, know concepts such as highest, longest etc., understand the concept of time.

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Social And Emotional Skill

The socio-emotional development of kids is crucial in terms of how they manage their emotions, show desire to perform tasks on their own, start cooperating with friends & family, respond in certain kind of situations and how they interact with familiar people and strangers.

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Personality Development

Kids tend to imbibe some of the behavioral qualities that they witness in people around them. Thus, it is very important to monitor these behaviors and make them aware of the difference between “Rights” and “Wrongs”. These organized patterns of behavior make them who they are and make them distinctive.

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Sensory Skills

These include all the activities that foster and stimulate a kid’s senses. The activities included in this category will mainly be centered around Hearing, Touching, sight, movement and smell. These skills are important to hone as they result in the development of new neuronal pathways in the brain and lead to development of brain.

Learner's Benefits

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Activities for Toddlers
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Activities for toddlers
Activities for toddlers
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Flexible Timings

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Personalized Learning

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our instructors are highly qualified, certified and experienced in this field. They provide kids with interactive environment and understand their behavioral and emotional needs which help them connect with the child. Additionally, the activities involved in the sessions are fun-filled and interesting to keep the children captivated.

Parents can check on the child but we advise them to let child do all the activities on their own and only assist when required.

We provide full flexibility to the parents to book a schedule that is convenient for the them and the child. We also advise all the parents to book a free trial to interact with the instructor and understand the course in detail.

For any kind of assistance, kindly reach out to us via following modes:
India - +91 – 8968809206
U.S.A. - +1- 980-202-4001
(Call and WhatsApp feature available for both of the aforementioned contact numbers.)

Yes. The play sessions are designed in such a way that even after the sessions get concluded, toddlers will love to initiate those activities on their own which will ultimately help fuel their creativity and enhance their growing process. We always encourage offline learning as well.

Notes and feedback regarding the performance of growth of the toddler will be shared with the parent via email, which will be sent on their registered email id.
In case of more information, kindly reach out to us via following modes:
India - +91 – 8968809206
U.S.A. - +1- 980-202-4001
(Call and WhatsApp feature available for both of the aforementioned contact numbers.)

The instructor(s) onboarded go through a screening process only after verifying the documents and considering experience, they commence classes. For this particular course, instructor(s) who hold qualification and certification in ‘Early Childhood Education’ have been selected to conduct sessions.

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