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Enhance Concentration Hand-eye co-ordination Agility with Rubik's Cube


Rubik’s cube was invented in 1974 by Ernő Rubik, a Hungarian professor of architecture and sculptor. It is a 3-D combination puzzle which was originally known as Magic cube. This activity is a phenomenal way for development and sharpening of the brain. The best thing about this puzzle is that it is beneficial for all age groups. There are multiple benefits associated with Rubik’s cube like quick reflexes, active mind, increased finger dexterity, enhanced concentration, improved IQ and many more. Studies have shown that people who are either learning or have learnt Rubik’s cube, have greater concentration skills and enhanced attention span. Rubik’s cube not only provides cognitive benefits, it also is a stress buster and fun activity.
In this course, you will learn to solve different types of Rubik’s cubes with a certified instructor, who will help you learn different techniques and Rubik’s cube algorithms to understand step-by-step breakdown of the cube and solve each layer accurately with a high success rate. After attending this course, learners will be able to solve any Rubik’s cube within minutes. Learners can choose any course plan that they find interesting and schedule the sessions at any time that is more convenient for them.

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Learner’s Benefits

Rubik's Cube

Problem-Solving Skills

Learners will learn how to break-down a problem into different parts and pay attention to them separately. Attempting different methodologies to solve a problem and finding out the best option to get the accurate result will refine their problem-solving skills.

Actiive Minds through Rubik's Cube

Active Mind

New patterns and combinations will act as sensory inputs which will help exercise learner’s mind, enhance the cognitive function of their brain, ensure maximum utilization of their mental capabilities which will keep the learner attentive & energetic.

Rubik's Cube

Power of Patience

Solving a Rubik’s cube requires various strategies to avoid unpredictable and unwanted twists and turns. Making these strategies in mind can be time-consuming. During this process, learners develop perseverance and their patience is enhanced.

Rubik's Cube

Quick Reflexes

While trying multiple combinations and patterns, learner’s hand-eye coordination will improve which will result in quick reaction time along with enhanced ability to make movements easily and speedily. Solving Rubik’s cube leads to perfect usage of reflexes.

Rubik's Cube

Increased Attention Span

Learners will be able to focus on a task for a longer period of time and complete that task in minimum time. As a result of trying multiple combinations and patterns, concentration & determination is strengthened which results in increased attention span.

Rubik's Cube

Productive Screen Time

With this course, we make sure that every minute of learner’s screen time has a productive purpose and learners use their screen time in a positive way. Learners will focus on improving their skills and become a Rubik’s cube master.

Types of Rubik’s Cubes

Course Features

Rubik's Cube

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Why Rubik's Cube Course


Swati Jain

Calligraphy Tutor

Hello Learners! My name is Swati Jain and I am a Calligraphy Instructor. For me, Calligraphy is an aesthetic medium to convey our thoughts and ideas and connect with the world. I believe that it is a healing Art that helps people slow down a little and enjoy little moments in this fast-paced world. The use of Calligraphy has expanded in the recent times as it enhances the visual aspect of the message that people are trying to communicate. Being a Calligraphy enthusiast, I want to share my knowledge of this skill with my fellow Calligraphy enthusiasts and Learners.
Talking about my Academic Journey, I have done Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed) because I wanted to take up Teaching as a profession. I have always loved the company of children and I am most comfortable around them. My inclination towards this skill has been there for a long time as it is one of the most interesting, creative and wholesome skills. This is why, I decided to design and conduct Calligraphy courses for Learners who are interested to learn various Calligraphy styles like Mandala Calligraphy, Faux Calligraphy, 3D Calligraphy and many more.
I believe that Learning should always be fun and not a boring task therefore, I follow simple basic steps while teaching. I always interact with Learners personally to solve all their queries from the root and make their foundation of knowledge solid. In order to make them confident in themselves, I encourage them to share their opinions without being afraid.

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Flexible Timings

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Personalized Learning

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Learners who are 6 years and older can register for this course.

Absolutely not. There are very simple and easy algorithms which can be understood by every learner without any difficulty.

No. Algorithms vary depending on the type of cube you’re trying to solve.

No. We recommend you to register for Basic level first and proceed with Advanced level. However, if you are still in dilemma, book a FREE trial with us and our certified Rubik’s cube instructor will assess your skills & recommend a customized course plan for you.

Yes, definitely. We give complete flexibility to the learners to customize their course plans. You can add other cubes to your course plans. For more information, book a FREE trial with us and let all your doubts be cleared.

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