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Boost Expand Accelerate Your Memorization Power


To perform well in daily life, kids need to increase their memory power. Memory is one of the superpowers of the brain that help us in numerous ways. It helps us gain, store, preserve, and retrieve information.

The online memory booster course aims to teach different types of memorization and memory booster techniques. Through this course, learners will be able to learn critical techniques to strengthen and increase memory power and retrieve important information on time. This course will help kids remember everything important to them. Non-academic topics like names, vocabulary, countries, capitals, etc., will be easy to memorize. Moreover, academic topics like atomic numbers, chemical equations, poems, multiplication tables, etc., will become unchallenging to retrieve on time. 

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Learner's Benefits

Enhanced Academic

Enhanced Neurological

Improved function of Memory-Related
Brain Structures

Upgraded Problem
Solving Skills

Enhanced capacity to
remember things

Minimum Dependence
on Search Engines


Easy Workout
for Brain

Is your kid unable to memorize important
concepts and often complains about
not remembering information for long?

Book a trial class and allow us to
find a solution in your stead.

Rubik's Cube

Boost Memory

Enhance your ability to remember a variety of information like names, phone numbers, periodic table, mathematical formulas, word meanings etc.

Online Memory Booster course

Increase Retention

Enhance your ability to store different types of information from different time periods in your mind for longer period of time to use it in future.

Memory Booster Course

Enhance Recall

Improve your ability to remember factual and textual information from the past like something that you have heard from someone, seen in an advertisement etc.

Why Choose Us

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Excellent Results

Through our courses, many learners have upgraded their skill sets and improved their academic performance.

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Certified Instructors

Learn from dedicated, accomplished and highly qualified experts with exemplary teaching experiences.

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Flexible Timings

Enrol and start LIVE interactive classes at any time of the year from any part of the world.

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Personalized Learning

Set your own goal. Classes are customized according to learner’s strengths, interests and needs.

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Become a Pro

Acquire diversified knowledge of competent skills and gain a competitive edge over peers.

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Innovative curriculum

Classes are designed to make the learning process interesting, fun-filled and knowledgeable.

Choose Your Course Type

Limited Time Offer
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2 Classes Per Week

Monthly Course

  • Regular Worksheets & Assignments
  • Guidance & Consultation
  • Feedback Sessions
  • Doubt clearing sessions

$100 125

Per Month

Limited Time Offer
20% Off

3 Classes Per Week

Monthly Course

  • Regular Worksheets & Assignments
  • Guidance & Consultation
  • Feedback Sessions
  • Doubt clearing sessions

$140 175

Per Month

Limited Time Offer
30% Off


30 Sessions

  • Memorize 13+ Topics using various memory building techniques.
  • Worksheets & Assessments
  • Certificate

$360 540

$12 Per Class

Limited Time Offer
35% Off


45 Sessions

  • Memorize 18+ Topics using various memory building techniques.
  • Worksheets & Assessments
  • Certificate

$495 810

$11 Per Class

Group Vs Personal Classes

Features Group Personal
Customizable Learning Pace
Collaborative Learning Experience
Customizable Lessons
Re-scheduling of Classes
✔️ (upto 10%)
Personalized 1 on 1 Attention
Personalized Learning Goals
Fixed Class Schedule
Fixed Curriculum
Personal Attention to Learners

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a trial class class for my kids?

You can book a trial class by filling out the details on the Book trial class page. Or, you can simply click on ‘Book Trial Class’ button on the website.

What is the average duration of the trial class?

The trial class runs between 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

Are all classes LIVE?

Yes, all of the classes are LIVE, interactive & engaging to help kids solve their doubts in real time.

My child doesn't have prior experience? Can beginners enroll in this course?

Yes, definitely. As soon as we receive a trial class request, our academic panel will contact you to discuss the learning needs of the kid. This will help us determine the appropriate level for your kid.

Is this course all about rote learning?

No. Rote learning is a process where memorization of information is largely based on repetition. In Rote learning, recall of information becomes faster the more it gets repeated. But in our course, we are teaching different memory building techniques which will help learners store information in their brain for a longer period of time and recall & retrieve is as soon as it is required.

How will this course enhance my child’s academic grades?

Definitely. Remembering important information is as important as understanding the logic because until and unless we have the information, we cannot act upon it. With our course, the learners will learn multiple techniques which will help them remember topics like Periodic table, Multiplication tables, Formulas, Constitution of India, Countries and their capitals etc. which will help them perform better academically.

Will this course help in performing better in competitive examinations?

Yes. There are many examinations where, remembering and memorizing facts is important. You will have an increased probability to perform better in competitive exams like JEE, NEET, SSC, UPSC, Banking examinations, Olympiads etc.

Will this course help my child have a healthy brain?

Yes. The memory building techniques act as a type of workout for brain which keeps it active, memory sharp and preserve cognitive function of the brain.

Will this course help develop a strong academic foundation?

Yes. Through this course, learners will be profited academically as they will upgrade their ability to remember important information which will help them in all academic fields.

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