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Become Enlightened Expressive Healthier through Art Therapy


Art therapy is a discipline which is dedicated to the well being of people. Art therapy uses different types of art forms to help people express their emotions, thoughts and experiences. A state of well-being is achieved through Art therapy as it is used to stimulate self-confidence and self- awareness. As a result, people are able to acknowledge the emotional and psychological challenges and work upon them to improve the quality of life. The main intention behind Art therapy is to make people get aware of these challenges and uncover their hidden and repressed emotions. To simplify, Art therapy is a creative process which helps people delve deeper into their inner thoughts and express their emotions, perception of different things, different type of experiences and foster emotional resilience.

Based on different needs of different people, we are offering this course in two different plans – Enlightenment and Illumination. Enlightenment comprises of 5 different sessions and Illumination comprises of 10 different sessions. Both the plans are suitable for all age groups and no prior knowledge in art is required to take up these sessions. Each and every individual is eligible to take up these sessions irrespective of their artistic capabilities. We encourage everyone to take an assessment session before choosing a particular plan to identify which kind of therapeutic art activities will be most appropriate for them.


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Skills Acquired

Facilitate Positive

Develop a positive way of thinking and build an optimistic view about different situations and interactions.

Express Repressed

Lift off the pressure by expressing feelings that you are trying to avoid due to their overwhelming nature or association of a bad memory with them.


Enhance your capability to manage emotions and impulses that are turbulent and troublesome in nature.

Discover Yourself

Through therapeutic art, explore feelings that you would otherwise choose not to talk about and discover new things about yourself.

Become Empathetic

Understand and relate to different types of people by acknowledging your own emotions whether positive or negative.

Stress Relief

Manage your stress levels by participating in therapeutic art activities which facilitates the release of stress-relieving hormones.

Build a Strong
Coping Mechanism

Develop strategies to face and tolerate unpleasant feelings like anger, stress and anxiety and find ways to keep calm and deal with them.

Develop a Sense
of Freedom

Through art therapy, get a chance to create and communicate your thoughts to people and open up yourself to new perspectives and ideas.

Enhance overall

Improve and strengthen psychological, emotional and physical well-being along with enhancing self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem.





Collage - Making



Clay Play


What you can achieve !

Art Therapy Vs Art Class


Artwork Sample

Art therapy for adults
Purpose Art
Art therapy for adults
Laetus Art
Art therapy for kids
Beatus Art

Are you emotionally vulnerable and
finding a channel to vent your emotions?

Participate in our Art Therapy sessions and let go of your emotional baggage.

Art therapy advantages

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Through our courses, many learners have upgraded their skill sets and improved their academic performance.

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Learn from dedicated, accomplished and highly qualified experts with exemplary teaching experiences.

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Enrol and start LIVE interactive classes at any time of the year from any part of the world.

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5 Sessions

  • In-depth Assessment session
  • 4 different Art styles to uncover the issues
  • Closure session

$75 90

$15 Per Class

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10 Sessions

  • In-depth Assessment session
  • 9 different Art styles to uncover the issues & explore your hidden emotion
  • Closure session

$130 180

$13 Per Class

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a trial class for my kids?

You can book a trial class by filling out the details on the Book trial class page. Or, you can simply click on ‘Book Trial Class’ button on the website.

What is the average duration of the trial class?

The trial class runs between 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

Are all classes LIVE?

Yes, all of the classes are LIVE, interactive & engaging to help kids solve their doubts in real time.

My child doesn't have prior experience? Can beginners enroll in this course?

Yes, definitely. As soon as we receive a trial class request, our academic panel will contact you to discuss the learning needs of the kid. This will help us determine the appropriate level for your kid.

How will I be benefitted from Art Therapy?

Art Therapy lets you explore those feelings which were hidden deep inside your subconscious mind and preventing you from doing certain things in life. As a result, you will be able to gain your long-lost sense of control & Freedom.

I am not good at Art, can I take up this course?

Of course. Art Therapy is all about expressing your thoughts and feelings through Art in your own way. There are no rules & regulations and no right or wrong way to create your art piece so everybody is eligible to take Art Therapy irrespective of their artistic capabilities.

My daughter is 10 years old and she rarely expresses her feelings to us. Can we enrol her in Art Therapy sessions?

Absolutely. People from all age groups can take up Art Therapy as it is a safe place for communication and emotional release. During this process, a therapeutic relationship is developed between Therapist and Individual which helps learners with with Mental, physical & emotional problems.

How is an Art Therapist different from an Art Instructor?

An Art Therapist has to be certified from a recognized and accredited institution to conduct Art therapy sessions while an Art Instructor can be anybody who is skilled in Art.

I am 45 years old and I often experience stress due to my hectic work schedule. Will Art Therapy help me?

Yes! When you participate in Art Therapy sessions and create art pieces, feel-good hormones are released and as a result, stress levels are decreased.

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