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Are you a parent who often comes across requests for online chess classes for kids on social media? Well, the demand for Chess has skyrocketed in the past few years. The game of Chess is technical and requires a calculative mindset to make informed decisions. Therefore, kids must develop a strong foundation in the game to face challenges and find solutions with their analytical abilities. Numerous scientific studies conclude that Chess has many psychological and developmental benefits that contribute to the overall development of kids.
The Online Chess Classes on our platform aim to empower and encourage kids. Hence, our certified and experienced trainers encourage Productive play by using creative methods and real-life analogies to teach kids.

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Fundamental Skills of Chess

Skills required to become an excellent Player

Skills Acquired


Recognize Physical, Intellectual, and Creative patterns easily. Decipher the connection of these patterns to draw detailed conclusions.


Take informed and precise decisions upon facing challenges. Choose the right option amongst many and increase your chances of winning.


Think rationally to get the facts straight and understand the situation. Draw meaningful conclusions based on observations and Inferences.

Poise & Self-control

Learn to stay calm under pressure. Cultivate poise and regulate your responses by controlling the urge to act upon impulses.

Strategic Thinking

Become able to anticipate threats and vulnerabilities to protect your opportunities. Overcome obstacles easily and achieve your desired goals.


Display fair behavior and respect your opponents. Winning and losing are just a part of the game, and the prime objective is to learn and enjoy.

Learner's Benefits

Rise in Intelligence Quotient (IQ) levels

Increases creativity and enhances concentration

Enhances visualization abilities

Improves memory and cognitive skills

Improves performance in technical subjects

Enhances self-confidence

Increases attention span

Improves visual memory

Develops patience and social skills

Prevents Brain ailments like Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Develop the ability to Analyze  Situation and take Calculative Decision.

Online Chess Classes for Kids

Why Choose Us

Coding for kids

Excellent Results

Through our courses, many learners have upgraded their skill sets and improved their academic performance.

Educational activities for kids

Certified Instructors

Learn from dedicated, accomplished and highly qualified experts with exemplary teaching experiences.

Educational activities for kids

Flexible Timings

Enrol and start LIVE interactive classes at any time of the year from any part of the world.

Educational activities for kids

Personalized Learning

Set your own goal. Classes are customized according to learner’s strengths, interests and needs.

Educational activities for kids

Become a Pro!

Acquire diversified knowledge of competent skills and gain a competitive edge over peers.

Online Art Classes for kids

Innovative curriculum

Classes are designed to make the learning process interesting, fun-filled and knowledgeable.

Choose Your Course Type

Limited Time Offer
20% Off

2 Classes Per Week

Monthly Course

  • Regular Worksheets & Assignments
  • Guidance & Consultation
  • Feedback Sessions
  • Doubt clearing sessions

$100 125

Per Month

Limited Time Offer
20% Off

3 Classes Per Week

Monthly Course

  • Regular Worksheets & Assignments
  • Guidance & Consultation
  • Feedback Sessions
  • Doubt clearing sessions

$140 175

Per Month

Limited Time Offer
25% Off


15 Sessions

  • Learn chess terminology, Basic chess moves, opening tactics, and strategy.
  • Practice & Revision sessions
  • Assessments and Feedback
  • Certificate

$195 270

$13 Per Class

Limited Time Offer
30% Off


30 Sessions

  • Learn Chess terminology, Chess opening & defense sequences, Notations, Strategy, and Endgame
  • Practice & Revision sessions
  • Ratings
  • Assessments and Feedback

$360 540

$12 Per Class

Limited Time Offer
35% Off


45 Sessions

  • Learn advanced terminology, Opening & defense sequences, Middlegame, Notations, Strategy, Counterattacks, Special chess moves like castling & pawn promotion, and Endgame
  • Practice & Revision sessions
  • Ratings & Rankings
  • Assessments and Feedback

$495 810

$11 Per Class

Group Vs Personal Classes

Features Group Personal
Customizable Learning Pace
Collaborative Learning Experience
Customizable Lessons
Re-scheduling of Classes
✔️ (upto 10%)
Personalized 1 on 1 Attention
Personalized Learning Goals
Fixed Class Schedule
Fixed Curriculum
Personal Attention to Learners

Parent Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the perfect age to start playing Chess?

There is no perfect age to start playing chess. It all depends on the interest of the learner and how determined they are to explore the nuances of this game. However, to understand and implement the instructions in online Chess classes for kids, the kid should be 4 or older.

Does chess improve IQ?

As per studies, Chess has proven to enhance memory and visualization skills. In some cases, chess has contributed to significant increase in IQ.

Why Chess for kids?

Kids should learn to play chess because it is beneficial for their overall development. They can gain multiple skills like Analytical skills, Visualization skills, Spatial skills, concentration skills and more. Not just this, many parents also confirmed that they witnessed improvement in their kids’ academic performances.

How can I book a trial class for my kids?

You can book a trial class by filling out the details on the Book trial class page. Or, you can simply click on ‘Book Trial Class’ button on the website.

How long does it take to learn chess?

It completely depends on the time the learner is dedicating to practice the moves.

What is the right age to start learning chess?

A child as young as 5 years can start learning Chess.

Is prior knowledge required to enrol in this course?

Absolutely not! This course is for everyone who is a beginner or wants to polish their pre-acquired chess skills.

Is your course good for chess training for beginners?

Yes! Kids who are beginners can enrol and take a step closer to achieving excellence in the game of chess.

What is the average duration of the trial class?

The trial class runs between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Are all classes LIVE?

Yes, all of the classes are LIVE, interactive & engaging to help kids solve their doubts in real time.

My child doen't have prior experience? Can beginners enroll in this course?

Yes, definitely. As soon as we receive a trial class request, our academic panel will contact you to discuss the learning needs of the kid. This will help us determine the appropriate level for your kid.

How should I decide the best online chess classes for kids?

After booking a free trial, parents will receive a call from our mentor panel to discuss and assess the learning needs of the learner. Based on this data, our certified and qualified mentor will suggest the appropriate program for the learner.

How can I know that my child is learning well?

Our team provides constant feedbacks to parents about the learner’s performance.

Which player has earned the most in the history of chess?

Although it is hard to track the total money earned by players, here is a brilliant analysis of money earned by chess players in the course of their careers. 

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