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Online Handwriting Classes for kids have been ever increasingly in demand. This is because Handwriting is a skill that is one of the most creative modes of communication. It is a part of our daily lives whether it is education, profession, or other miscellaneous fields.

But have you ever wondered why good handwriting is important for kids? Well, for the starters, a good handwriting has numerous developmental benefits for kids. Additionally, it enhances the engaging capacity of the brain as writing something by hand activates the brain more than typing on the keyboard. Thus, it is recommended that children should be motivated to improve their handwriting.

The online handwriting classes on our platform aim to facilitate the written expression of kids through different handwriting styles. 

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Characteristics of Good Handwriting

What you Will Learn

Handwriting classes servers two goals at the same time. In addition to being a fantastic extracurricular activity that develops creativity and motor abilities, it will also greatly benefit their core curriculum. Clear, readable handwriting improves comprehension and communication.

Children can learn different types of Handwriting like

Print Handwriting

Also known as Block handwriting it’s crucial for young children who have just started writing. With our classes we cover the techniques of print handwriting like consistent letter formation, Upper case letters, lower case letters, even spacing, uniform slant and proper sizing. Master the timeless elegance of printed letters with us.

Cursive Handwriting

Also referred to as the flowing style of handwriting, it might be challenging to gain confidence in it because of its extremely delicate, detailed style and that’s why we have designed our course to encompass all of its techniques, including letter creation, Upper case letters, lower case letters, consistency, fluidity, and continuous flow, in a comprehensive way.

Benefits of Good Handwriting

Motor Skills

Better coordination of small muscles in hand with eyes & improved synchronization between hand & fingers.

Learning Obstruction

Lesser difficulty while differentiating and recognizing alphabets. Researchers have found that cursive handwriting can help decrease dyslexic tendencies.

Extra Points
For Good Handwriting!

Help you teachers understand your work better, especially in the course of written exams. Attract your teacher’s attention & get appreciated for good handwriting.


Summarizing and writing key points by hand helps in improving recall abilities in kids because writing by hand leads to more brain activity.


Using hands to create something improves neurological connections and promotes higher thinking which enhances creativity.

Improved Reading Fluency

Handwriting enhances the reading fluency of learners because it initiates visual perception of letters and increases spatial awareness.

Learner's Benefits

Better Dexterity

Enhanced confidence

Improved creativity

Better visual perception

More artistic opportunities

Maximum Involvement of senses

Amuse & Impress people with
Attractive Handwriting !

Why Choose Us

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Excellent Results

Through our courses, many learners have upgraded their skill sets and improved their academic performance.

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Certified Instructors

Learn from dedicated, accomplished and highly qualified experts with exemplary teaching experiences.

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Flexible Timings

Enrol and start LIVE interactive classes at any time of the year from any part of the world.

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Personalized Learning

Set your own goal. Classes are customized according to learner’s strengths, interests and needs.

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Become a Pro!

Acquire diversified knowledge of competent skills and gain a competitive edge over peers.

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Innovative curriculum

Classes are designed to make the learning process interesting, fun-filled and knowledgeable.

Choose Your Course Type

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2 Classes Per Week

Monthly Course

  • Regular Worksheets & Assignments
  • Guidance & Consultation
  • Feedback Sessions
  • Doubt clearing sessions

$100 125

Per Month

Limited Time Offer
20% Off

3 Classes Per Week

Monthly Course

  • Regular Worksheets & Assignments
  • Guidance & Consultation
  • Feedback Sessions
  • Doubt clearing sessions

$140 175

Per Month

Limited Time Offer
25% Off


15 Sessions

  • Cursive Handwriting – Upper case, Lower case, Capitalization, Spacing, Slant, Baseline Habit, Writing Pressure & Punctuation.
  • Worksheets
  • Certificate

$195 270

$13 Per Class

Limited Time Offer
30% Off


30 Sessions

  • Print & Cursive handwriting – Upper case, Lower case, Capitalization, Spacing, Slant, Baseline Habit, Writing Pressure & Punctuation.
  • Worksheets
  • Certificate

$360 540

$12 Per Class

Group Vs Personal Classes

Features Group Personal
Customizable Learning Pace
Collaborative Learning Experience
Customizable Lessons
Re-scheduling of Classes
✔️ (upto 10%)
Personalized 1 on 1 Attention
Personalized Learning Goals
Fixed Class Schedule
Fixed Curriculum
Personal Attention to Learners

Parent Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is handwriting important for kids?

Handwriting is important as the ability to memorize and recall important facts enhances when somebody writes by hand on the paper.

What are good baseline habits?

The practice of writing on the baseline of the paper without placing them above or below the line.

What is the difference between handwriting and calligraphy?

Handwriting is simple penmenship while calligraphy requires specific skill-sets and puts emphasis on aesthetics.

What is the right age to start writing?

Kids start doodling at a very early age. However, letter formations by hand can be taught to kids by the time they turn 3.5 years old.

Why is writing by hand important?

Writing by hand strengthens our processing skills. As a result, the writer becomes better at reading and spelling the words over time.

What are the causes of poor handwriting of kids?

There can be many reasons behind poor handwriting of kids. Poor motor skills, lack of teacher support, dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD are some of the reasons.

What are connecting strokes in handwriting?

Connecting stroked are the lines that connect two adjacent letters in cursive writing.

Which handwriting should be taught first – cursive or print?

It is recommended to teach cursive handwriting first because it has many developmental benefits.

What are some of the helpful handwriting tips for left—handed children?

Please refer to this detailed article to know some of the helpful handwriting tips for left-handed children.

What is the average duration of the trial class?

The trial class runs between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

How can I book a trial class for my kids?

You can book a trial class by filling out the details on the Book trial class page. Or, you can simply click on ‘Book Trial Class’ button on the website.

Are all classes LIVE?

Yes, all of the classes are LIVE, interactive & engaging to help kids solve their doubts in real time.

My child doen't have prior experience? Can beginners enroll in this course?

Yes, definitely. As soon as we receive a trial class request, our academic panel will contact you to discuss the learning needs of the kid. This will help us determine the appropriate level for your kid.

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