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Children can only find the wonderful world of equations and numbers fascinating if they are taught—or, more accurately, if they learn it—in the correct manner. Following a thorough research, our experts have developed a range of customised lessons for students in Kindergarten to Grade 8. Mathematics is one subject that requires careful review, practice, and interesting teaching to make it fun for kids.

Our classes would serve as a complementary treat to your child's school learnings.

Here’s how we will help you in your goal towards your child’s development:

  • We let you choose the best day and time for lessons
  • You can always reschedule the classes in case of an emergency, and
  • We provide regular feedback about your child’s progress as well as try to learn about your concerns for better service
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30 toddler Activities at home

Early Childhood

Grade Pre k to 1
For Age 4 to 6 Years

Activities for toddlers


Grade 2 to 5
For Age 7 to 10 Years

Activities for toddlers

Middle School

Grade 6 to 8
For Age 11 and Above

Early Childhood

[Grade: Pre-K to 1]

Building Blocks of Brilliance: Early Math Adventures for Our Littlest Scholars

Age 4 to 6 Years

Early childhood math course designed to provide a holistic and engaging introduction to foundational math skills for kid’s age between 4-6 years old.

The course encompasses the following areas:

  • Counting – Counting through dots, numbers and various shapes, representing numbers.
  • Identifying Shapes – Learning to identify various shapes, introduction to symmetry, comparing sides and corners etc.
  • Comparision – Comparing numbers through fun and engaging models.
  • Place Values – Learning the concept of Place values.
  • Basic Arithmetic – Kids will learn the basic concept of addition and subtraction.
  • Money – Value of coins, counting coins.
  • Time – Learning the basics of time days, weeks, and months including how to read a calendar.
  • Data & Graphs –  Recognizing picture graphs, interpreting data from the graph, reading tables.
  • Measurements –  Understanding the difference between various parameters of weight and length.
  • Mixed Operations – Basic arithmetical operations including subtraction and addition.


[Grade: 2 to 5]

From Counting to Calculations: Enrich Your Child’s Math Journey

Age 7 to 10 Years

Welcome to our vibrant world of elementary math online classes, specially crafted for 7-10year old!
Our goal is to make your child smart and confident with numbers, and our classes are designed to be more fun than regular homework.

The course encompasses the following areas:

  • Counting: The introduction of even numbers, odd numbers, learning the concept of skip sequence through various interesting puzzles and stories.
  • Arithmetic: Introduction of addition and subtraction of two digit numbers, balancing equation, solving word problems, basics of decimal and its use in numbers.
  • Time: Learning the units of time and relating time units in terms of days, months and years.
  • Money: Learning coin values, comparing coins and notes, exchanging money, learning to do purchases.
  • Measurement: Learn the use of ruler, thermometer, conversion tables, comparison and conversion of various units of weight and length.
  • Geometry: Learning two dimensional and three dimensional shapes, concepts of faces, sides, edges and symmetry and solving problems based on area, perimeter of rectilinear shapes.
  • Logical reasoning: Finding numbers based on sum and differences through various storytelling ways.
  • Data and graphs: Learning line plots, bar graphs, pictograms and interpreting various basic graphs and tables.
  • Probability: Learning to use terminologies like more likely, less likely, certain probable and impossible.

Middle School

[Grade: 6 to 8]

Beyond Basics, Mastering Math: Building Future Mathematicians

Age 11 & Above

Give your child the competitive edge, boost confidence with our meticulously crafted Middle School Math Online Classes for young minds aged 11 and above.

The course encompasses the following areas:

  • Number theory: The basic understanding of whole numbers, prime numbers, Integers and mathematical operations involving them.
  • Decimals: In depth problems involving decimals like conversion of decimals, learning decimal lines, round decimals, inequalities with decimals, multiplication of decimals.
  • Money: Word problems involving money, division of money, addition and subtraction of money amounts.
  • Time: Conversion of 12 hour to 24 hour time, transportation schedules, problems based on time units.
  • Fraction: Word problems based on fraction including addition, subtraction multiplication and division, ration and proportions.
  • Construction: Concept of perpendicular, angles and bisector.
  • Geometry: Complex problems based on area, perimeter, volumes of figures along with introduction and detailed classes on Pythagoras Theorem, Congruency, co-ordinate plane.
  • Data and graphs: Learning to create and interpret various graphs and plots such as histogram, pictograph, bar graph, stem and leaf plots.
  • Probability: Learning to make predictions based on probability, solving problems based on compound events.
  • Algebra: This includes the basics of scientific notation, exponents and roots to solving problems based on monomials, polynomials.
  • Statistics: Interpretation of mean, median, mode, calculating their range and numerical problems based on statistical charts.

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Coding for kids

Comprehensive Math Curriculum

Our carefully designed program covers fundamental principles to advanced topics. We customize our courses in a way that it aligns with learner’s abilities, interests and pace with individual learning styles.

Educational activities for kids

Experienced Instructors

Our instructor holds advanced degrees in mathematics with years of teaching experience. Our experienced educators ensure effective and engaging teaching. Get the best math help from the best.

Online Art Classes for kids

Personized classes

We tailor our live 1:1 classes to match the state curriculum your child belongs, ensuring they receive exactly what they need. Our prime goal remains helping your child gain academic excellence.

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