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Online foreign language courses for kids

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Online foreign language courses for kids

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Online Hindi Classes for Beginners

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Online extracurricular classes for kids

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Online foreign language courses for kids

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Benefits of Learning Foreign Languages

Increase your chances of getting accepted into renowned universities

• Proven positive correlation between multilingualism and better test scores (SAT, GRE etc.).
• Knowledge of additional languages helps in earning extra credits for admission.

Enhance employment opportunities in global organizations

• Multilingual candidates are preferred over monolinguals due to globalization.
• Polyglots have advantages as their marketable skills can be utilized globally.

Level up your networking abilities with foreign communications

• Learning languages breaks barriers resulting in effective communication.
• Familiarity with a client’s native culture and language is always an asset.

Which foreign language course is in high demand?

Why learn a language with us?

Kid-friendly and
Expert Mentors

Count on our kid-friendly mentors for quality education and best learning environment.

LIVE Interactive

Kids can ask tons of questions and clear all their doubts in the LIVE interactive sessions.


Teaching techniques are designed to enhance the learning capabilities and participation of the learner.


The language curriculum is designed as per the standard guidelines & frameworks to classify the language ability.


Acknowledge and appreciate diverse cultures and respect their customs, beliefs and values.


We take continuous feedback from parents to provide an excellent learning experience to kids and parents.

Curriculum designed as per the World Language curriculum framework and reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to teach foreign language to a child?

As per research, the ability to learn a language is developed at a very early age. If the parents are bilingual, kids can start learning as soon they are capable of understanding language. However, in case of non-native language, the kid needs to be at least 4 years old to enrol in Online foreign language courses for kids and fully comprehend the instructions.

How to teach a foreign language to a kid?

The best way to teach foreign language to kids is to enrol them in Online foreign language courses for kids. Learning the language at an early age makes it easy to master the language faster. Additionally, language expert mentors can guide kids as per their learning needs to make the learning process worthwhile.

What are some benefits of learning a new language at an early age?

There are numerous advantages of learning a new language at early age. Following are few of them:

    • Improved memory
    • Better Reading, Writing and listening skills
    • More time to understand the nuances of the language
    • Polished and native-like pronunciation
    • Refined and rich vocabulary
    • Competitive edge over peers
    • Enhanced confidence levels, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
    • Greater understanding of diverse cultures
    • Better academic and career opportunities
Can foreign language anxiety happen to kids?

It is completely normal to go through foreign language anxiety. There are many ways to combat it. To know more about it, you may read this well-written article.

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