Diwali 2022: Creative Diwali activities for Kids

Last Updated: November 3, 2022

The festival of Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. It reminds us that the power of knowledge, wisdom, virtue, and optimism is of supreme value. Numerous rituals, values, stories, and learnings are associated with this festival. As Diwali nears, the excitement levels of kids surpass their limits. They anticipate this festival with baited breaths because of new clothes, delicious snacks and sweets, astonishing firecrackers, precious gifts, and whatnot! But the younger generation often misses out on the relevance and significance of the festivals. Thus, parents should teach their kids about festivals’ historical and geographical contexts to pass on valuable moral lessons. 

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When is Diwali in 2022?

In Hinduism, people celebrate Diwali over two days. This year, Chhoti Diwali falls on the 23rd of October 2022 (Sunday), while Badi Diwali falls on the 24th of October 2022 (Monday). 

What are some productive and fun Diwali activities for kids?

Along with lights and legends, Diwali is known for colorful activities and grand celebrations. Every family celebrates the festival by doing things they love and enjoy the most. We, too, have a few recommendations to help you make the most of your Diwali. 

The following activities are excellent for adding benefit, quality, and supremacy to your children’s lives. Through these activities, you will enhance the creativity of your kids multifold and expand their knowledge base by sharing insights about culture, traditions, and religious beliefs. 

Podcasts & storytelling

Modern issues require modern solutions, and podcasts fall perfectly into the modern-age category. In this age where kids’ activities revolve around gadgets, a podcast is a significant digital offering with easy access. The podcasts created for kids are an incredible way to engage them in the rich backstories related to the festival without exposing them to screens. Listening to the stories, relevances, and contexts is an entertaining way for kids to learn about festivals and their significance in our lives. 

Cooking & Eating

Festivals are one of those rare opportunities when grown-ups do not care about their ‘diets’ and eat to their heart’s content. Children, however, look for varieties. There’s no denying that there are personal favorites but getting introduced to new dishes brings equal excitement. Thus, Parents can use this opportunity to make their kids aware of occasion-centric food, involve them in the cooking process, and encourage them to share food with family members.

DIY Decorations

The aesthetic of the festivals adds charm to the mood and experience of the celebrations. The lights, rangolis, lanterns, diyas, candles, paper articles, etc., enhance the beauty of the occasion. Hence, it is a perfect chance for parents to explain the significance of lighting diyas, candles, and lanterns, making rangoli, paper articles, and more. This hands-on activity will enhance their creative skills and develop their interest in native festivities. 

Traditional Dresses

Traditional ethnic wear is a stylish option to display one’s love for their culture and traditions. As the time for Diwali approaches, the excitement for new clothes and accessories also follows. The importance of clothing in culture is that it signifies identity and unity. Parents and community members can organize cultural activities where kids can display their traditional garments and enjoy the festivities. 

Ethnic handmade jewelry

Ethnic fashion accessories accentuate festive vibes and personal style. Encouraging kids to create their jewelry by hand will help kids enhance their creativity and let them add a personal touch to their accessories. Creating handmade pieces of jewelry is one of many creative Diwali activities for kids that involves expressing one’s style and stimulating imagination.   

Video Calls with elders

No festival is complete without the blessings of the elder members of the family. In this age when families have gone nuclear, parents must make efforts to keep their children in connection with other family members. Especially older family members, because they have a lot of love and wisdom to share with the young generation. But because it is not feasible to meet every member in person, placing video calls is one of the best alternatives and must-do Diwali activities for kids to connect with family. 

Organize group games

Keeping a social gathering entertained is a cumbersome task. Elders and children have different interests, and very few things can bring them on the same page. Thus, a list of group games suitable for all age groups comes in handy at times like these. These games promote connections and have numerous benefits for kids. Group games facilitate the learning of supreme values like resilience, turn-taking, flexibility, patience, teamwork, and more.


Diwali is known for its grandeur and moral lessons. The festival of lights marks the onset of new and novel. But at the same time, it also stands for and helps cherish old and meaningful relationships. It is the best occasion to teach children the sense of solidarity and the power of growing together. Celebrating the festival with family and community members, being a part of festivities, and participating in cultural activities bring a sense of community pride and foster cultural identity. Thus, parents should plan diverse Diwali activities for kids that help them understand the rituals, customs, and traditions while keeping them entertained. 

Happy Diwali!!

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