Pihu Rajmalani (Art)

About Me: Hello everyone! My name is Pihu Rajmalani and I am from the city of oranges, Nagpur. Teaching enthusiastic kids like you all, is one of my core passions and I have always believed that the process of learning should be creative, inclusive and fun- filled. During my classes, I always make sure that kids connect with the ongoing activity and learn something out of it. I always encourage the kids to enjoy the journey and not concentrate only on the final outcome. I like to talk to kids and try to make the class sessions as much interactive as possible. I would like to describe art as a means to express emotions. The sheer desire of creating something directly out of imagination fuels my passion for art. It inspires me to portray and paint my thoughts with different colors. For me, the most fascinating part about art is its endless possibilities of exploration and that, there are no set rules as to what one can express and create through art. I always tell my kids to look around for inspiration because anything or anyone can ignite the flame of creativity within them. When I teach about art, I try to pay as much attention to my kids as I can because, I believe that kids have the most active imagination. I also encourage them to learn from each other. Talking about my personal life, I am very close to my family and I have a pet turtle names ‘Jaadu’ whom we all adore a lot. My family has taught me the value of emotional connection and I try to deeply implement this in my classes. I had my first job in the year 2010 and I still remember the joyful faces of my family members when they got to know about it. As for the present, I have been exploring the field of art in as many possible ways as I can. I hope I will keep exploring new possibilities and share with people as much as I can.

Teaching Experience: I have more than 7 years of experience in the field of teaching which has enabled me to connect with and relate to the students more. My teaching approach has always been all about my students gaining skills and having joyful experience because I have always believed in enjoying the journey and I encourage my students to do the same.

Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra

Language: English

Years of Teaching Experience: 7

Kids Age Range for your classes - Minimum Age: 10

Kids Age Range for your classes - Maximum Age: 19

Website: Https://l.wl.co/l?u=https://prcreations83.wixsite.com/home

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