Beyond the Classroom: Extracurricular Activities for Kids

Last Updated: September 27, 2023

The adage “all work and no play makes jack a dull lad” provides a valuable lesson on the importance of finding a healthy balance between pleasant activities and survival skills in daily life. Focusing on activities that allow your mind to be free and provide the opportunity to unwind is increasingly crucial in today’s fast-paced world when everyone is in the race to success and maintain their level of living.

Extracurricular Activities
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Extracurricular Activities for Kids

Here are the top extracurricular hobbies that can broaden one’s skill set and increase confidence.


Aside from having soothing and calming effects, learning calligraphy also aids in the improvement of fine motor skills and memory retention. The fact that we rely so heavily on technology nowadays has in some ways limited our ability to do things. The artistic outlet of calligraphy encourages brain function and provides a creative platform.

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Reading old classics

This is one activity that can be started as a hobby and later develop into an important habit. A child’s cognitive development is greatly impacted by reading books that are based on fairy tales or classic novels, which increases intelligence, fosters reasoning, and enhances decision-making.

Kids Reading Novel
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Self defence classes

As parents cannot always be with their children learning a martial art, karate, or other form of self-defense becomes a useful skill for a developing child. It is not only a physical skill but also an intellectual skill because, as it develops, awareness of one’s surroundings aids in spotting danger and taking appropriate action. Additionally, it teaches kids the value of self-control, discipline, and physical health.

Active participation in debates/speech

It is crucial for a developing mind to learn to rationalise its ideas and present them in fresh ways. As a lot of material must be consulted before reaching a specific conclusion, this also improves research skills. Additionally, it helps kids learn how to stand up for what they believe in.

Kids Debate
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Board games

This is one activity that’s fun and productive at the same time. Children pick up fundamental lessons like waiting one’s turn, abiding by the rules, etc. The ability to cooperate and work well in teams is a skill that children of all ages will need throughout their lives, and board games are a great method to foster such skills.

Kids Playing Board Games
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A strong and old tool created to simplify mathematical calculations. The accessibility of mobile devices, calculators, and computers has increased our dependence and weakened our capacity for autonomous thought and mental function. The use of an abacus as a tool has many visual components, which helps a child learn math concepts more quickly and without getting bored. The simultaneous physical and intellectual operations of the mind contribute to the general improvement of cognitive abilities.

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Website development courses 

A child can simultaneously express their creativity and intelligence by building websites. This necessitates studying computer language coding, which translates theoretical genius into practical projects. Children that have a preference for the feel of stem must be introduced to and instructed through early peeks.

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Learn a new language

Learning a language opens up opportunities in both the personal and professional spheres because it’s simple to meet new people and get to know different cultures. For example, learning Spanish could be beneficial for your child as a second language as there are numerous options for jobs, for people knowing Spanish in USA as well. Also Spanish is the best language for travel purposes, it opens a whole new world of art, culture and literature. A young person in the later phases of their working life might benefit from this.

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Kids Reading Language
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Activities for kids in the winter

Winter break has arrived, bringing with it all its excitement and festivities. Well, now that the students have a true vacation from their tedious academic sprints, it becomes equally important to keep them engaged and productive during their extended vacation days. The finest approach to start the new year off is to brush up on older self and master new set of skills. Here are a few activities that you may do with your kids to help them spend time productively outside of school.

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Christmas activities for kids

As soon as the holiday season knocks at the door, the festive mania makes us go crazy with excitement. As much as kids, adults also look forward to the festive season that is a means of excitement and a much-needed break from their monotonous lives. Christmas is one such holiday that provides unmatched delight to kids and adults alike. Different families like to celebrate the festival of Christmas in their unique way. Some like to go out and watch the decorations, some visit their friends and families, while some want to stay home and have a cozy celebration. Thus, for parents who opt to stay at home and have intimate celebrations, it is a yearly tradition to look for Christmas activities for kids that they can do together at home. To help parents make Christmas more magical and extraordinary, here is a list of Christmas activities for kids to make the most of this winter festival.

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