Frequently Asked Questions

Every teacher has his/her unique way of teaching and we appreciate your efforts in the class. Here are some videos to help you create online class and make it more interactive.

An online class is considered to be most productive where a teacher can interact with every student effectively. Kids Infinite Learning provides you the flexibility to choose the batch size accordingly. We have observed that a batch size of 6 goes most effective and smooth but you can refer blog1 or blog2 in order to understand the impact of batch size on the quality of an online class where researchers suggests up to 12 students in an online class.

It is recommended to have 30 Minutes to 60 Minutes online class as researchers says that student will be able to grasp maximum knowledge in the interval of 30 Minutes as per this blog. We suggest teachers to keep first 5 minutes for the introduction and last 5 minutes for doubt session which will lead to 20 minutes to 50 minutes of learning time. It will also help in maintaining time and punctuality on the platform.

Teachers have flexibility to select/choose:

  • Class Fee
  • Class Topic/Content
  • Difficulty Level
  • Class Timing
  • Class Duration
  • One Time Vs Recurring Class
  • Batch Size
  • Age Range of Learners

To be an effective instructor requires a balanced combination of qualifications, experience, and knowledge on any subject. And foremost, it requires a passion for the subject/topic.
To join Kids Infinite Learning, you do not need to have a university degree but should have sufficient education/knowledge/experience on the subject/topic of your class.

We suggest creating and schedule classes on the subject/topic you are passionate about. You can schedule teaching classes to help learners with new topics Or schedule practice classes to help learners in being proficient on a particular topic and we will also provide consultation on choosing the topics for your classes based on your experience and passion.

To make your class successful, it is very important to choose the right price for any class.

We suggest adjusting your price according to your experience, popularity, subject, batch size, class duration, day/time of class, etc. And do not forget to compare prices for similar classes by other instructors.

We suggest instructors schedule classes at relatively low prices with a minimum of Rs 10 per 30 minutes class who are interested in doing community services by teaching underprivileged kids.

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