If you are a dedicated teacher who can dedicate their time to serve the most creative and interactive online classes on a variety of topics from different areas,
then Join Us now!!

Who can Join Us?

  1. School Teacher
  2. Private/Coaching Institute Teacher
  3. Competitive Exam Preparation Tutor
  4. Foreign/National Language Tutor
  5. Computer Programming Trainer
  6. Art and Craft Tutor
  7. Dance/Exercise/Yoga Trainer
  8. Cooking/Culinary Teacher
  9. Music Tutor
  10. Acting/Drama Tutor
  11. Sports/Player Coach
  12. Life Skills Coach
  13. Nature/World Knowledge Tutor
  14. Retired Teachers
  15. … and the list goes on.

Why Join Us?

We provide you a platform where you can dedicate hours to your work and classes according to your availability. We believe in escaping the 9 to 5 work model and provide teachers flexibility to select the hours they want to dedicate to the platform. Students can access these online classes anytime so that you can schedule classes at your convenience.

Teachers on Kids Infinite Learning can customize the fee model based on the difficulty of the topic and details provided in the class. You get the liberty to select the fee for a particular class while preparing your session. Once the fee is paid by parents, you get to keep the 75% of the total amount which is much higher than any academy or coaching institute. You can tailor the fee structure on individual class or weekly recurring classes.

  1. For one-time class: Select the best price you have to offer for a particular topic of your choice.
  2. For entire course of fixed duration: You get to choose the fee for a class or weekly classes till the end of course.
  3. For recurring/practice classes: You get to choose the fee for individual class or recurring classes on the weekly basis.

-Earning Calculator-

Paying the right way, getting paid what you’re worth – It’s complicated, and it matters. Kids Infinite Learning’s Earning Calculator helps you to understand what you can expect from our platform based on the number of hours you dedicate. See at the bottom of page for Earning Calculator.

Our platform provides the most efficient salary credit program that is personalized with the variation of classes available on the website. The week starts from Monday and you can get your weekly salary credited every Wednesday for the prior week via Google Pay on your registered mobile number.

You get to personalize your classes based on your knowledge on any topic and your teaching methods. There are a variety of topics you can choose from. Design your classroom experience by including simulations, problem-solving approach according to your teaching methodology.

Registration on Kids Infinite Learning is super easy! You can register on our platform for absolutely free. Once you submit the basic information, our team will review your profile and create a teacher’s profile for you. This will be your personalized profile which will showcase your academic information, work experience, background, certifications and other information to represent forth parents.

Schedule your classes at your ease. You can schedule one-time classes and recurring classes as per your availability after personalizing your class and uploading a brief about the topic. Students can book classes by seeing the timing and information about the session.

Students are going to join from different parts of the country. Make your sessions more personalize by specifying the language for the entire session. Teachers have feasibility to organize their session in their preferred language (English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Punjabi, and many more).

How to Join Us?

Click on “Application Form” button at the bottom of this page and fill the form by providing your basic information. It will also include uploading some of your documents of academic certifications as well.

While submitting the form, there will be a section of “Potential Classes”. Fill the information about the classes you are planning to schedule. This will help you once you get onboard and start organizing your classes.

Once you submit the form, our team will review your information and documents. We will contact you via email/call on your registered email Id/ mobile number. Once reviewed, a Teacher’s profile will be created.

After profile creation, you are ready to start scheduling your classes based on your topics of expertise and convenience. You can schedule your classes on academic, non-academic, games, linguistics, or any other extra-curriculum activities.

Get ready to work onboard and earn 2-3 times more than any academy or coaching institute has to offer.

What you need to have to Join Us?

  1. Teachers must have a laptop with working microphone & webcam and a stable internet connection.
  2. Teachers must have clean background and a noise-free environment during the session.
  3. An internet speed of more than 25mb is required for videocall interface.
  4. Teachers are preferred to wear a professional outfit.
  5. Always sit on table and chair for the session to give a professional experience to the class.
  6. Punctuality plays a vital role in our organization. Teachers must be on time for every session.
  7. Do not place any eatables or drinks around your setup.

Earning Calculator

Earning Calculator

Fill the Application Form and Sit Tight.

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Earning Calculator