The New Age of Learning

Last Updated: July 29, 2022

In today’s world, where everyone is in a race to match the dynamics of an ever-changing technologically advanced ecosystem just depending on an age-old education practice where a major part of the curriculum comprises of academics cannot do justice. In the new age of learning, there is a dire need for a change in our obsolete education/learning system where an individual not only gains academic supremacy but also an overall development to make the most of this ephemeral and competitive world we are living in.

Our education/ learning system mostly encourages students to cram the syllabus before their exams with the sole purpose of gaining good marks, pushing them into a never-ending cycle of self-doubts or self-complacency. To excel in their academic lives as unfortunately, that is the only sphere we give importance to, the inherent creativity takes the back seat. With the set parameters as to how long an answer should be or how many similarities the answer should have with the textbook, there is very little space left for students to explore on their own.

Limiting the abilities of an individual by caging them within certain boundaries needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. At the same time, we need to ask ourselves why we are not able to look beyond academic qualifications and bring the subjects of Arts (Painting, Dance, Sculpting or even Sports) at the same podium. Call it the boon of technology but with the changing times there are so many new fields individuals can embark on and make the best use of their creative and innovative thinking and earn equal money and success as any of the traditional careers.

The new age of learning is less about intelligence/creativity and more about retentivity. Until we provide our students an environment where they can freely observe, probe, and conclude at their own pace and in their distinct way it is difficult to expect an innovative and ingenuous mind. We need to open our horizons both in terms of subjects as well as our method of learning.

Every child has their own needs and abilities which shouldn’t be compromised in the name of a standardized curriculum. Personalized education is the call of the hour. Why rush somebody because somebody else is about to finish the task?

Communication skills, interpersonal skills, social etiquettes are as important as any academic subjects taught. One can have in-depth knowledge of one’s subject and still not be able to get through an interview or get that desired job because they have weak communication skills or maybe because they don’t know how to conduct themselves impressively. It is so important that our children are groomed since early childhood in a way that they take control of any delicate situation.

Similarly, basic Financial education regarding investments, insurance, debts, or Knowledge about Cyber Security, importance of cyber law should be included in the curriculum. Moral values through storytelling can also play a huge role in character building. The purpose of education is to make us all humane, winning every battle big or small, professional or personal, and not merely turn us into a money-making machine.

As time changes so do the need. Evolve!

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